Can We Defy The Law of Attraction

by John Peace

There seems to be some confusion about the effect of the Law of Attraction on relationships, particularly when someone is trying to bring back an absent partner through brake up, or when someone is trying to create a relationship with a particular person.

I do not want to pour cold water onto the attempts that some people are making to ‘get with’ what they feel are their most desirable mates, but I do feel that the time has come to try and clear up any misunderstandings.

To begin with it would be helpful to define the Law of Attraction, and here is my best definition of the way I feel the Law of Attraction operates.

“Our thoughts and feelings about any given subject make up our vibration, and it is through this vibration, that the Law of Attraction aligns all cooperative circumstances, events and people, in order for us to experience a reality that maintains the vibration we have been holding.”

It is our thoughts and feelings as individuals that produces a specific personal vibration. Through this vibration the Law of Attraction will align certain conditions in our life. These conditions produce an experience for us to help us to think and feel in the same way.

If it is the case, that we as individuals hold a vibration, which in turn, aligns a variety of circumstances, to bring experiences that match our thoughts and feelings, how can we change what we think and feel, in a way that another person becomes aligned to circumstances that, in turn, bring experiences to them that do not match their vibration?

Would that not defy Law?

If this were possible, we would no longer be the masters of our destiny, as our experiences would be determined by the thoughts and feelings of others. This would render a peace less world of battling wills, as we each would struggle to control our lives against the will of another. Prisoners of another’s creative power.

Of course, it would be foolish for me to suggest that one persons ‘created’ reality, had no effect on another, as this is clearly not the case. This is why it is important to remember that we experience a cooperative reality.

Yes we all hold a vibration, and yes we all create an experience, but when our experiences coexist with another’s, each part of that manifestation must match the thoughts and feelings of each individual involved. Almost a cooperative soup of existence.

When you appreciate this, you will start to see that you are not in control of people. But in much the same way you are neither in control of events and circumstances.

You are in control of thought. And as you think, these events that take place in your experience, are brought to you as a match to what it is you have been thinking.

If you wish to be in a happy, loving, thoughtful, caring and passionate relationship, think it. Think the thoughts of someone who is experiencing a happy, loving, thoughtful, caring and passionate relationship, and as you do, the best events, the ideal circumstances and the perfect people shall align to your experience, as the greatest match to your thoughts, there is.

That Is Law.

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John Peace

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