Can You Attract For Other People

by Kristy

When me and my boyfriend broke up, he told me it was because he could not be in a relationship at that time. This is all I was focusing on. Needless to say, less than a month later he was in another relationship. Did I attract that for him? Is that possible?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To explain how the Law of Attraction works, it would be helpful to think about it as a Law of Vibration, and a Law of Harmony, and to understand what you are attracting, you need to understand your vibrational frequency.

This vibrational frequency is made up of the thoughts you have most and feelings you have most, and whatever these predominant thoughts and feelings are, the matching experience will be found in your reality.

For example, if you often think about being in a loving relationship from a position of not having that relationship now, and you feel the emotions of loneliness and frustration, then these thoughts and feelings can be said to be your vibration.

It is this vibration that the Law of Attraction responds to, aligning experiences for you that are in harmony with your vibration.

In other words, because this is what you are vibrating, the assumption is that this is what you are desiring, and as a result, the conditions are brought to you to allow you to vibrate in the same way.

This is the way the Law acts for you, but as this is a universal Law, everything must comply. All the experiences you have must match your vibration, and all the people in your experience, must be there because the experience they are having, also match their vibration.

All parts of the experience are in harmony with each other, and each part of this reality is a cooperative part, to every other part.

Now what is said of you can also be said of your ex.

That is, his vibrational frequency is made up of the thoughts he has most and feelings he has most, and whatever these predominant thoughts and feelings are, the matching experience will be found in his reality.

This is why you cannot manifest in his reality, as you cannot change your vibrational frequency to align a matching experience in his reality.

However, with all that said, there is a harmonious connection to both of your experiences, and this is something you need to be aware of.

You see, if you carry in your vibrational frequency, the worse fear of your ex being with another girl, then your are aligning to that experience. And if your ex can be a cooperating part of that experience, and manifest your worse fear in your reality, whilst aligning to his own vibrational frequency, then he comes into harmony with your vibration.

He becomes a cooperative part of the whole creative process.

In answer to your question then, no you did not attract this girl to your ex, but the reality you are seeing is a match to the thoughts and feelings you have been having, and the only way to change your reality, will be to change your vibration.

Let go of your fears and worries, as they only exist because you think about them.

Think and feel the experiences you desire as if they existed now, let go of the circumstances and the people involved, and align to the experience you wish to have, and nothing else.

If you wish to be in the perfect relationship, feel like you are, and as you do, the perfect relationship will be found for you.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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