Cause and Effect
Understanding The Law of Attraction

The term Cause and Effect gives us a fundamental understanding of the Law of Attraction by splitting our experiences into two definite parts, the Cause and the Effect.

Most people who do not live the life of their desires, see their reality as something they have no control over.

A collection of random experiences that they can either fall victim to or are propelled forward by.

They see people who have more than they do as people who are lucky, as people who are more fortunate than they are.

And they often believe that these people are born with a silver spoon.

And when they are experiencing their own totality unwanted reality, they see their existence as being unlucky and less fortunate, and often describe themselves as victims of an unfair and sometimes cruel world.

The trouble with this way of thinking is that it places the power to create experiences outside of ourselves, and leaves us at the mercy of circumstances, events and other people.

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In business, it places profits at the mercy of our customers.

In careers, it places success at the mercy of our employers.

In health, it places our vitality at the mercy of our environment.

And in relationships, it places our happiness at the mercy of our partners.

Cause and effect reverses this process and places all our experience under the control of ourselves.

So what do I mean when I say cause and effect?

Cause and effect is the fundamental method that we use to create our experiences, the cause being the vibration that we hold, and the effect being the experiences that are drawn to that vibration.

Cause and effect is the Law of Attraction in action

To break this down further I would say that our vibration it made up of our thoughts and emotions, and the effect is made up of the events, circumstances and people who are brought to our reality, as a match to the way we think and the way we feel.

Cause is not just what we think, it is how we think, and depending on what and how we think, the Law of Attraction aligns effects to our lives, in order for us to keep thinking the same way.

We are cause, and the effect is our reality and every experience we have within it.

Effect is the good experiences that appear to make us happy, as well as the bad experiences that seem to make us unhappy.

Effect is your experience, and it was created, by you.

You are the Cause and what you experience is the Effect.

Cause and effect is the Law of Attraction in action, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be able to take your power back and start to create the reality of your dreams.

Cause and Effect gives us a fundamental understanding of the Law of Attraction by splitting our experiences into two definite parts, the Cause and the Effect.

Understanding that you have created all the experiences you have had, good and bad, is a wonderful thing to know, as it will free you from being the victim of any unwanted event, circumstance or person, and allow you to become exactly what you will to be.

I have written the following pages about understanding the Law of Attraction, and to help you further I run a comprehensive Law of Attraction training program to help you apply these cause and effect principles.

And if you are facing a specific unwanted condition or having trouble applying the Law of Attraction to certain areas of your life, you may find my LOA Tips page helpful.

Understanding The Law of Attraction

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