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How I get my husband to burn with passion and jealousy over me?

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The simple answer to this question is this, by not noticing that he has no passion or jealousy towards you….

The Law of Attraction is the way that we all have the experiences that we do, it aligns situations to us that match the way we predominantly think and feel.

So if we experience something, the situation that brought that something, came about in response to a way we have of thinking and feeling.

Admittedly, many events that happen in our life seem to just happen, but as we have opinions on these events, that is we have preferences to our experiences, depending on how we think about our preferences, the Law of Attraction aligns more situations to help us to feel the same way.

We may experience something that we do not like, and in response to that experience, if we predominantly thought that we did not like that, instead of thinking about what we do like, we will align to more experiences that help us to remain not liking.

When you remember the relationship with your husband, I bet you can think back to a time that you thought he had passion towards you, otherwise, why would you have married each other. But of course, something must have happened for you to notice a lack of passion, and a lack of jealousy, and as you noticed that and thought that you did not like it, you felt an uncertainty of his feelings.

Once you had thought about this event and you thought about how he showed no passion or was not jealous, you aligned for another situation in which he could demonstrate a lack of passion and jealousy. And of course you reacted with more thought and more feeling, aligning yet another event for him to match to your way of thinking.

Eventually, after enough thought and enough emotion, followed by enough evidence, you came to the conclusion that your husband had no passion and felt no jealousy towards you.

You aligned yourself to a passionless experience through your thought and feelings, and as you have continued to think this way, you have continued to align to this experience, until you find yourself utterly convinced that your husband can offer no passion and jealousy towards you, so convinced that you ask the question, how can I change him?

The trouble is, you can’t change him, you can only change yourself.

He cannot offer you any passion because to do so would go against your thoughts and feelings, and that would defy Law. In fact, if he wished to burn with passion about someone, he would have to align with someone who was a match to someone who burns with passion, and at the moment that isn’t you.

You cannot change him, as all he is doing is cooperating with what you think and feel and providing you with a match to what you are thinking and feeling about. But you can change your thoughts and your emotions, and if you do, you shall align to new experiences that match your new way of thinking.

Invest in a notebook and write down all the things you like about your husband.

Spend some time at the beginning and end of each day focusing on these good things.

When you have a thought or feeling about your husband that is negative, focus on the things that you like best about him so you don’t allow these negatives to become a predominant way of thinking and feeling.

Then, as he offers you new experiences that you like, add them to your list, and focus of these things to.

Choose the thoughts about your husband that match your desires, and for as long as he continues to cooperate with your way of thinking and feelings, he will only be able to offer you experience that match the way you are now thinking.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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