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My work colleague and me have been talking formally since 6 months now. My husband is also working in the same company.

At first I told my husband that maybe our colleague has crush on me, but we made it just a joke, until one day my colleague told me that he's already in-love with me and started courting me knowing that my husband is just around the corners of the office.

From then on, I did not tell it to my husband 'coz I am afraid that he will get mad.

Then I realized that I'm starting to fall in love also with my colleague. At first I thought it was so easy to ignore the feeling but I realized that it's quite difficult.

We have no child and my husband is not sexually active since our third year of marriage, we have been married for 9 years now.

What will I do?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Is the grass ever greener on the other side?

Of course this is not easy to ignore, as you are activating the vibration of what you want, and as you look for what you want, what you want is being manifested to you.

This is often the way relationships start. Someone we are perhaps interested in, offers us the possibility of something more, and as we look for similarities in that person, those similarities become manifested to us.

We often see this in many new relationships, and because each of the partners are looking for, “the things that make them happy”, these new relationships tend to be fun, exciting, joyful and passionate.

And then, as they relationships age, there is less fun, less excitement, less joy and less passion, and as these feelings start to dwindle, it is then that many people look for a change of behaviour in their partner, in an attempt to relight the spark.

It is this ‘pressure to change’ that is the cause of most discord in most unhappy and broken relationships, and the sooner that people realized that they do not need to change another, in order for them to feel good, the easier, more joyess, and more satisfactory these romantic relationships will be.

You see, the grass can never greener on the other side, until you learn to appreciate the grass you have.

Before you go running away from a satisfactory relationship to find this fun, exciting, joyful and passionate new relationship, consider this….

This new relationship will only stay as a fun, exciting, joyful and passionate relationship, for as long as you look to it for this purpose. You can only manifest to you, what you are predominantly vibrating, and for as long as you vibrate this fun, this excited, this joy and this passion, that shall be your experience.

As indeed, it probably was with your husband.

So before calling a premature end to a marriage that is everything you asked it to be, why not try to ask for your marriage to be something else.

And I don’t mean changing the way your husband behaves, I mean adjusted your vibration to the very best of what your husband has to offer.

Concentrate all your thought on the very best of your husband, notice his good points, his qualities and his positives. Ignore his negatives and offer this side of him no thought, no feeling, and no vibration.

Start your day in gratitude for him, and never expect him to be different in order for you to be happy.

If you can do this, then your husband will always offer you exactly what you think and feel about him, or if he does not match this positive vibration, then you will naturally begin to drift apart.

By doing this, at least you would have given you marriage a chance, you would have taken control of your emotions and created your reality, instead of drifting from one thing to another.


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