Confused About The Law of Attraction

I want to manifest me, and the father of our newborn twins getting back together... but how do I do that, if I don't know his regards to which I may be dismissing?

I want to believe that he feels the same deep down but how do I know for sure?

I am trying this notion and it's really hard work to remain positive, but I do have faith.

I want it all to work out, and in the way I want and deserve it to

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There are many descriptions of the Law of Attraction, which seem to cause a bit of confusion about how this Law really works.

One description that comes to mind is this,

“The Law of Attraction brings to you
what you most strongly focus upon.”

This gives an idea that if you focus on a desired outcome enough, it will undoubtedly become your reality.

Unfortunately, this may be true as a theory, but it is much harder to put into practise.

You see, what you most strongly focus upon, are not the thoughts expressed in 15 minutes of visualization, or the thoughts expressed during 15 minutes of staring at a vision board. Even if you were to spend 2 hours visualizing your desired outcome, these thoughts would still not be your strongest focus.

So what are the thoughts that provide the magic to manifest your desired reality?

To answer this you need to understand a little of your thought.

Thought is active brain energy that exists in 2 states.

Either as conscious thought or as, subconscious thought. Conscious being thought you are aware of and subconscious being thought you are not aware of.

Everything our body does is controlled by thought, our bodily functions, movement and our experiences.

Now you don’t have to think about running or walking, you just do it, it is controlled by subconscious thought. But before it became controlled by subconscious thought, it was in the realm of conscious thought, it was tried and tested, practised and learned by conscious thought, until it was passed as truth to the realm of the subconscious. There never to be forgotten or unlearned, it is there as fact.

This is the same for all thought. First it is tried and tested, practised and learned, by you conscious brain, and then passed to the subconscious brain as fact, as truth.

So what is truth for you, is past conscious thoughts that have been accepted as truth, and passed to your subconscious mind.

And you know these thoughts, they are Your Beliefs and they express themselves in Your Emotions.

It is these thoughts that are your strongest focus, your Beliefs and Emotions. Understanding this gives us a much better way to describe how the Law of Attraction works.,

“The Law of Attraction brings to you the things that you most strongly feel about, to the degree that you believe it will.”,

So how does this help?

Let’s read your question again and pick up on the feelings....

  • “I want to manifest me...”

  • “I want to believe that he feels...”
So why are you not getting what you ‘want’?

Here’s a definition of the word ‘want’ that will give you an understanding that the Law of Attraction is lining you up perfectly, to what you are feeling and believing.

To want; To be without or be deficient in.

You may think that I’m being picky here, and what you really mean by saying want, is desire, true I am, but the only time you express want as desire is when you say, “I
want it all to work out, and in the way I want and deserve it to.”

In other words, you desire all your ‘wanting’ to manifest itself.

Can you now see that the Law of Attraction is giving you exactly what your strongest focus is?

OK, let’s get a little bit more constructive now.

To get what you really ‘want’, you have to decide what it is that you really desire.

You may say that, “I desire to be with my ex partner.” Which is OK, but is that really the ‘experience’ you desire, or is it more like the source of the experience you desire?

What you probably desire goes a bit more like this...

“I intend to be in a relationship with a man who respects and loves me. A relationship where we’ll understand and appreciate the things we want to experience, and find joy in sharing those experiences. Our home will be harmonious and peaceful, a perfect place for my beautiful children.”

Is this a bit closer to what your desires really are?

But you may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned your ex partner once.

This is because you cannot manifest in another’s reality. What your ex partner experiences, is based on his beliefs and emotions, what you experience is based on yours. This is Law.

Yes I suppose that if you both had the same focus, and being together gave you both, what you were feeling, then there is a chance that you could end up together, but that’s not down to you.

It is your responsibility to choose your desires, focus on what you choose to have, and enjoy the experience. How it will come to you, when it will come to you and from where it will come to you, are not things that need concern you.

But holding yourself in the place of how, when and where, you hold yourself in a position of ‘wanting’ (or without), and all the opportunities to achieve the experiences you desire will go unnoticed.

I know that you will probably think that this ‘ideal’ relationship will only come from being with your ex, but trust me, the universe see things from a far bigger perspective than you or I do. And to be honest, if you had all the qualities you ever wished for in your perfect partner, what would it matter if he didn’t look like your ex?

So how do you manifest this ‘perfect’ relationship?

To begin with, you do it in mind. You consciously think about the qualities, the experience and the harmony that you will have.

If You Intend to be with Someone who Respects You...
Be It In Mind

If You Intend to Live in Happiness and Joy...
Do It In Mind

If You Intend to Have a Loving Relationship...
Have It In Mind

Visualize and Affirm all your desires as often as you can, think about them, look forward to them, see them, get excited about them and be grateful for them. And whenever thoughts of when, where, how and who pop into your head, think again of everything you desire, look forward to them, see them, get excited about them and be grateful for them.

By doing this you will eventually pass your desires as truth to your subconscious, and when you do, they will become a part of you, they will become your beliefs and your emotions.

It is then that you shall see, that your reality really is, exactly what you have most strongly focused upon.


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