Confused.. Why Do People Say You Cannot Use LoA To Attract A Specific Person


I would like to renew my relationship with my husband from whom I am currently separated (he's been living out of the home for 2 months now). I understand that I cannot force him back into my life, but…..

What about the men, (it's normally men who do the chasing, that's why I say 'men') who want a specific girl, they chase after her, "woo" and "court" her, until she "succumbs"?

They see a girl they like and they do all they can in their power to "seduce" her and if often works. My husband was after me for several weeks before I finally took notice. He intentionally "went after me" and he won me over. So how do you explain this?

Attraction/interest is not always mutual, (as was our case) and one person sometimes has to chase after the other until they win them over… But, if i concentrate on getting him back, I’m being told, (by the LoA) that it won't work.

Please explain!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I can see why this does cause a bit of confusion, so I’ll try to break it down a bit.

The Law of Attraction is all about feeling and emotion, or vibration, that is, the things we experience in our lives, match our predominate feeling and emotion, or the vibration we are in.

For instance, if my feelings and emotions are predominately happy and joyful, and the things I do makes me happy and joyful, then my future experiences will tend to make me feel happy and joyful.

On the other hand, if my feelings and emotions are predominately sad and depressed, and the things I do makes me sad and depressed, then my future experiences will tend to make me feel sad and depressed.

So when we say that you cannot use the Law of Attraction to manifest in another’s experience, what we mean is this…

If someone’s feelings and emotions are predominately happy and joyful, and the things they do makes them happy and joyful, then you cannot change their future experiences from happy and joyful, by adjusting your own vibration. The only way to change their experiences would be to get them to change their vibration.

So, what about the men who want a specific girl, and chase after her until she succumbs?

Well to begin with, these ‘girls’, don’t tend to be specific, they tend to be girls they have a vibrational attraction to, girls they fancy, girls that intrigue them, and girls who they feel would respond to their courting.

And, as most men would confess, most of their efforts end in failure.

But on occasions, they spark an interest, they light a light in the minds of their ‘of the moment’ dream companion, they see a glint, a look and a smile, which then signals them to keep going, to keep at it, his vibration then changes as he starts notice all the things he likes about this girl. He starts to dream and hope that she will respond.

For the girl, after some time, she may start to wonder, “is this the one? Is there anything I like about this guy?” Here vibration changes to one of interest, to one of searching, as she starts to notice the things about him she likes.

This is often the way relationships start, each in a vibration of finding the best part of each other, looking for behaviour in each other that makes each of them feel happy and joyful.

And as we have already seen, as their feelings and emotions are predominately happy and joyful, and the things they are doing with, and to each other, make them happy and joyful, then their future experiences together will tend to make them feel happy and joyful to.

The trouble is, that as time goes by, often one or both of them may start to notice behaviour or habits which the other does not like, and as they notice this behaviour, and these habits, they start to think, “if only he would stop being like this, or doing that, then our relationship would be so much better.”

And of course, as you offer these things you don’t like, focus, energy and emotion, you include them in your vibration, and as we have already seen, the Law of Attraction responds by giving you more of these experiences.

It is the thoughts and emotions of what we don’t like about our partners, that leads us to experience more thing we don’t like.

This is why so many relationships start on a high, and then go through rough patches, which often end up in separation.

However, all this does not mean that there is no way that you can put a relationship back together by using the Law of Attraction, but just like the guy who tries to woo a number of different girls, it’s either a hit or miss situation.

If you accept that the Law of Attraction works, and that by noticing and focusing on unwanted behaviour in a partner, leads to more of that unwanted behaviour being manifested, then it is easy to see that if you switch your focus and attention to the good things, then surely you would have a different experience.

But what would this different experience be?

Well it could have one of two different outcomes…

Either you would see manifested the good experiences your relationship offers to each other or, if your vibrations do not match, you will never be in a place together to experience an unwanted outcome.

So my advice to anyone, in all their relationships, is this…

Spend your time contemplating the best of every relationship you have, focus your thoughts and energy on the best parts of every person you are in contact with. When you notice an unwanted behaviour, do not give it a second thought, just use it to launch rockets of desire of what it is you want. The Law of Attraction is always at work, and as your vibration is made up of all the things you want, only the people and places that match your vibration and your desires, will become part of your experience


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Mar 12, 2010
Thanks So Much
by: wantmyhusbandback

Just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for such a long, detailed reply - I've just read your answer and am still digesting the info... but yes I know exactly what you mean about getting what you give out - that's what (partly) got us into this mess, my focusing on one negative thing of his which finally overpowered all the good vibes.

Thankfully I've learned my lesson or at least I see where I went wrong so hopefully it's not too late to resolve our problems. I have already noticed a huge improvement in our relationship since I changed my attitude, took back some power and responsibility and started to give out only good vibes. It's very nice being together again the short time that we spend looking after our children together.

I?ll add more thoughts when I've had time to 'digest' this info but thanks again for taking the time.

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