Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

by Kris Hughes
(Manzanola, Colorado, US)

Creative Visualization is a "classic" book on visualisation, written in the 1980s by Shakti Gawain, who has gone on to write many more books on personal development.

Like most Law of Attraction books, if you carefully go through every step in the book, it will take you on a huge spiritual journey if you are open and ready.

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I can't say that I ever completed every step in this book, but I can always return to it when I feel the need.

I used this book in conjunction with the Creative Visualisation Workbook by the same author, which is a sort of companion guide, although either title could stand alone.

A seminal moment for me seemed to be the Treasure Map exercise, and 3 years after drawing my treasure map, I stand amazed looking at myself standing pretty much exactly inside the picture I drew!

Shakti offers some great guidelines for short, medium and long term goal setting and understanding one's goals. This is a great system for both helping you understand what you REALLY want and helping you get there!

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