Daydreaming vs Imagining

by Ashley
(Schererville, IN)

What is the difference between daydreaming and imagining as an end result? Can you give me specific exercises or tips to get distinction?

Thank you, Ashley :)

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

There is just one purpose of life, which is growth, and everything within ‘life’ must contribute to life’s growth.

Thought is the creative principle of the Universe, and is compelled by its very nature to combine with similar thought, and eventually, be brought into manifestation.

You are free to choose what you think, but the result manifested by your thoughts, is governed by Law.

When you persistently focus your thought, it cannot fail to produce the desired results, in health, in wealth and in happiness.

Persistent and focused constructive thoughts, fuelled by faith, belief and imagination, will combine with similar constructive thought, to produce good health, abundance and harmony.

However, persistent and focused destructive thoughts, fuelled by fear and worry, will combine with similar destructive thought, to produce ill health, lack and sadness.

So it is clear that all lack, all limitation and all disharmony, is caused by wrong thinking.

But how do you stop thinking in a destructive way?

Not an easy task to do.

Many people thought seems to be out of control, only existing in reaction to their environment, rather than in action to create their environment.

I guess it would turn us all a bit loopy if we started analysing every thought we entertained. But it would do us well to remember that, as thought combines with similar thought to grow in strength and power, if we are in the habit of thinking destructive thoughts, the harder and the more pressing the task becomes.

An easy answer would be to replace a negative thought with a positive one, as the two cannot exist in the same place. This is why affirmations and positive statements, repeated at a negative moment are so powerful.

But a more permanent solution would be the development of your imagination.

Imagination is a catalyst to creative positive thought, and dispels negative ideas and beliefs.

When you learn how to activate your imagination, you will begin to realise the ideal out of which your future will emerge.

Imagination contains all the material to furnish your future. It is the force that has opened the door to technology, power, science, architecture, and indeed, any advanced, ever made by man.

Imagination has turned things that could never be done, into thing that we all now witness in our daily lives.

Imagination is the form of constructive thought that must come before every constructive action.

Nothing can be built, developed or created for us to use and see, before it has existed in someone’s imagination.

But do not confuse imagination with daydreaming.

Daydreaming is quite the opposite, it is unconstructive, uncontrolled, erratic and dissipated.

Nothing was ever created through daydreaming.

Yes, ideas may be born from dreams.

Edison may have dreamt of electric power to every home.

Ford may have dreamt about a car for the people.

And Gates may have dreamt about a computer in every household.

But without imagination, their plans would never have come into fruition.

Yes, dare to dream, but use your imagination to crystallize your plans, to guide you step by step, and move ever closer to realising that dream you dared.


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