Definition of The Law of Attraction

A definition of the Law of Attraction explains that we attract to our reality a match to what we think and feel, but to understand this, we need to know more about what reality really is.

Everything in the universe is made from the same thing...


We have always thought of matter as being solid, but if we were to look at our hands with a powerful microscope, we would see molecules of atoms, held together, but with large gaps of nothing...

Not a solid!

If we were to look closer we would see these atoms made up of a nucleus with protons whizzing around them, like planets whizzing around our sun, we are not solid, we are not static, we are energy.

Its not just our physical characteristics that are energy, our thoughts are too. If you put your hands on your head and just hold them there for a moment.

spiritual pictures spiritual art

Now think about all the muscles that were employed to complete that simple task, you read the instruction, and carry out the task, seemingly, without a thought.

But thousands of electronic signals were sent via your body network, instructing muscles to contract and expand, nerves to analyse, feel and provide feedback, until your limbs were in the desired environment, for more signals to explode through your body telling everything to pause.

Now think about hitting a ball with a bat, analyse that!

Now try something else for five minutes.

Sit still at your computer, control your body in a comfortable position without moving.

Now look away from the computer screen, have a quick peek at the time, and stare at nothing, empty your mind and think of nothing, just for 5 minutes. You just can't do it.

We our like little factories of thought, little foundries of energy, and like the proton whizzing around the nucleus we are either positive or negative, we are living magnets giving off positive or negative energy, and in much the same way as magnets we are attracting into our lives the same energy that we are giving, depending on which end of the magnet we are activating, this is the law of attraction.

One way of formulating a definition of the Law of Attraction would be to think of what reading material resonates with you, what ideas ring true, which people have good or bad vibes, or who is on the same wavelength.

These are more than just metaphors, they are accurate ways of describing the vibration of our reality.

If a metal plate sprinkled with sand is vibrated by a tone matching one of its resonant frequencies (matching the pitch at which the plate naturally rings when struck), then standing waves arise in the plate.

The sand collects in areas where the waves are zero and helps visualize what the standing waves look like, which gives rise to interesting patterns unique to the tone applied.

Which pattern forms depends on what matching frequency or note is vibrated, which in turn depends on the physical characteristics of the plate itself.

Anything that vibrates will contain standing waves. This includes bells, tuning forks, resonant chambers, stones, etc... As long as the applied frequency matches the object's frequencies, standing waves will result.

In much the same way we all vibrate with energy, and vibrate at our unique frequency.

Like attracts like.
If your vibrating energy is positive, You will attract more positive things

It is known that two tuning forks with the same physical characteristics when held close together, the ringing fork will cause a non-ringing fork to ring as they resonate with each other.

Likewise, two people will resonate with each other when they share common frequency. Simply having common interests is not enough to cause resonance. There must also be compatibility on the soul level that you can feel.

This resonate definition of the Law of Attraction would be, like attracts like. If my vibrating energy is positive, I will attract into my life positive people, likewise if my vibrating energy is negative, I will attract like-minded negative people.

The definition of the Law of Attraction could be perhaps more easily explained as the Law of Vibration.

Another definition of the Law of Attraction says that with syncronicity, we attract from the outside what you resonate with, on the inside.

That you can also bring into your life what you momentarily strongly focus upon.

To expand this definition of the Law of Attraction a little, we could say that by having an optimistic attitude and focusing on success, one attracts these, while having a cynical depressed attitude attracts negative experiences.

If you focus on the fact that you have little money, bad health, or poor relationships, the Law of Attraction will respond by giving you more of what you are focusing on.

Of course, most people don't really want more of the things they lack, but because they are putting focus and energy toward the negative, more negativity happens.

So by using thought as intention and attention, in other words, thinking will be the cause, observing will change the original outcome and become the effect.

The Law of Attraction says that with syncronicity, we attract from the outside what you resonate with, on the inside.

Everything you see, everything that surrounds you, is the result of your conscious mind, telling your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind manifesting it for you. This is the Law of Attraction in action.

Whatever definition of the Law of Attraction you take on board, you must learn to control your conscious mind, whether your using meditation for abundance techniques, attracting abundance and prosperity into your life or using Law of Attraction relationship exercises.

It's the power of positive thinking, combined with spiritual growth that will give you the power of your conscious mind which will, in turn, enable your subconscious mind to manifest your desires.

I have written the following pages about understanding the Law of Attraction, and to help you further I run a comprehensive Law of Attraction training program that will help you master and apply these principles.

You may also find my Law of Attraction Question and Answer section helpful, particularly if you are facing a specific unwanted condition.

Understanding The Law of Attraction

Understanding The Law of Attraction
Understanding the definition of the Law of Attraction and how it actually works is not really that important, after all, there are many universal laws that we do not understand that we still take advantage of. What is important is knowing how to work with the law so that it works for us, rather than against us...

Introduction To The Law of Attraction
As an introduction to the Law of Attraction many people may have seen the film The Secret, and as a result been left with the idea that by simply visualizing their desires, their lives could be everything they wished them to be. Unfortunately this is quite a simplistic way of thinking about the Law of Attraction...

History of The Law of Attraction
The history of the Law of Attraction is something that is impossible to measure, as it began with the creation of the universe. The Law of Attraction is the process that things of matching vibration are brought together, and is the force through which all things were drawn. It is through this force that everything we know and see was created...

Cause and Effect Definition of the Law of Attraction
The term Cause and Effect gives us a fundamental understanding of the Law of Attraction by splitting our experiences into two definite parts, the Cause and the Effect. The trouble with many peoples way of thinking is that it places the power to create experiences outside of themselves, leaving them at the mercy of circumstances, events and other people...

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