Denying The Truth

I know I really love my ex but through our break for about half a year, I did make some mistakes. The thing is those mistakes made me realise how much I truly loved him, and to top it off, he was my first boyfriend.

I know that he still loves me back but why is that he puts on this cover, as if he doesn’t? How I know he does, is that sometimes his cover falls and he talks to me, and then, on other days, he completely ignores me. But he still tells my friends how much he cares about me.

He started off saying he wants to do other things in his life right now, and doesn’t have time for a relationship, but now it seems like he’s trying so hard to ignore me.

He doesn’t admit it, but he never wants to see me in person and always finds some sort of excuse, and he doesn’t accept my friend request, yet if I initiate a conversation with him it always goes well.

So my question is, if I believe he will overcome whatever it is making him distance himself, is that something I cannot control?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction brings your reality to you, as a match to the way you predominantly think and feel,.

A common way that many Law of Attraction teachers tell you to apply the Law of Attraction, would be to Ask, then Believe, to finally Receive.

To be honest, the Asking step, in most cases is done. You know what you want, so the Universe knows what you want.

Believing is a little different, as know you must have faith that your desired experiences are coming. This means, not being concerned with the experience now, as you have complete faith that what you desire is on its way.

Receiving is a little more difficult, as to receive you need to let go of the thoughts and feeling of not having, and adjust your thoughts and feeling of having.

Receiving, is setting your vibrational frequency, this means, thinking and feeling as a match for your desired experiences, instead of thinking and feeling a match for the lack of your desired experiences.

In other words, pretending that you had your desired experiences now, and never noticing, thinking about and feeling about your desires not being there.

So, if the Law of Attraction brings your reality to you, as a match to the way you predominantly think and feel, there is not enough Asking, Believing or Receiving that you can do, to change the reality of another.

The Law of Attraction works for all people, at all times, whether they are aware of it or not. It works for me, it works for you, and it works for your ex.

The Law of Attraction brings your ex his reality, as a match to the way your ex predominantly thinks and feels, and there is not enough belief in the world to ever change that.

So what’s the point, if you cannot manifest your true desire, what is the point of learning how to apply the Law of Attraction?

Because you can manifest your desired experience, it’s just that you are confusing the experience you would like, with where the experience comes from.

Simply put, it is a loving and romantic relationship that you desire, but by tying the hands of the Universe by only focusing on one place that this experience can come from, you put yourself out of line with this experience.

To make this worse, if your ex is a true vibrational match to this perfect relationship, you put yourself out of alignment with this experience, by predominantly thinking and feeling thoughts and emotions of ‘without’.

Remember the steps….

You are asking, you know what you want.

But you lack the belief and faith that your desired experiences are coming. You are to wrapped up in your now experience.

And even if you had a little more faith, your thoughts and feeling of not having this relationship, will never align you to any different experience.

You need to set your vibrational frequency, to a match for your desired experiences, instead of thinking and feeling a match for the lack of your desired experiences.

One of the best ways that you can start to change your vibration, is by seeking the best and highest thoughts of your now experience.

In other words, Gratitude.

Learn to be grateful for everything you receive, whatever the experience, find the positive within it.

This doesn’t mean going around saying thank you for everything, it means fishing through the contrast of experience you are having, and finding the positives within it.

Write lists of all the positives you have now, and use this list to stop thinking and feeling the lack of what you have.

This goes for relationships to, not just your relationship with your ex, but all relationships.

Find the best of everyone that you spend time with. If they give you an experience that you do not like, simply turn away from this experience and concentrate on what you like best.

This may even help with your relationship with your ex.

I am not saying that it will bring you together, but if you do concentrate on what you like best about your ex, you align yourself with the experiences that match your ‘best of’ vibration. And if he is indeed a vibrational match to your desires, you will be giving him the best opportunity to manifest these desires.

Is he denying the truth?

This I cannot say, but by aligning to your desires, you give him the best opportunity to express the truth within him.

In other words, he will either match your positive vibration, in a way that you experience the best of what he has to offer you, or he’ll vibrate right out of your reality, as two contrasting vibrations can never exist together at the same place.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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