Detaching, Letting Go, Releasing

by Brenda Foster

My German Angel My BMW 650i.

My German Angel My BMW 650i.

Allow me please, to tell you the story of my BMW 650i. I met her some odd months ago, in a car magazine. I was awed by her beauty. I ordered a book of the car from the BMW dealership. Soon as I received the book I looked at each page, intoxicated by the beauty of 650i.

I decided she was my dream car and I claimed my own 650i. Not to be negative, but I couldn't afford her, couldn’t come close.

However, I was a daily student and user of The Laws Of Attraction. I knew the potency and power of these laws. I had used them to manifest every car and home I'd had.

I was confident I could use these laws to manifest my brand new BMW.

I began by claiming the car. I didn't really believe she was mine, not in the beginning. Each day, you could say, I romanced the car, in creative visualizations,viewing pictures and videos of her, using power tools, such as meditation, mantras, yantras, brainwave entrainment, the laws of attraction, tarot, I-Ching, Runes and Angel card readings.

I eventually created a vision board, my BMW the star, the main attraction.

I was in love with the car and still am.

I visited the car at the BMW dealership, spent time with her. I shared a powerful and intoxicating bond with the car.

By now I knew in my heart, she was mine, no doubts whatsoever. She was and is my perfect vibrational match.

Shortly after visiting my German beauty, the time came to let her go, release her, detach, and surprisingly I did, without resistance.

I knew by letting her go, releasing her, detaching, she would return to me... on the day I bring her home.

I spent some odd months romancing my beautiful car and applying the laws of attraction, to manifest everything needed to bring her home. I've done my part of the partnership with the Higher Power, the universe, God, whatever you choose to call it.

The how, where, when is the responsibility of the Higher Power.

This I know, next time I see my BMW... will be the day I drive her home, to live with my sons and me, to serve us as our daily transportation...our German Angel.

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Jul 15, 2009
by: Roy

Dream and achieve big things!!!! The law of attraction works and always working!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Nov 27, 2009
so you didnt get the BMW yet?
by: Anonymous

How is this a success story?

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