Did The Law of Attraction Bring This Unwanted Reality

I contacted you about 2 weeks ago on a relationships question, The Law of Attraction Worked And Then He Disappeared. And I have read your latest article as well, Can We Defy The Law of Attraction.

What I have since learned about the man I 'was' dating, is that he is very commitment phobic. Thus explains the u-turn and explains many of his other relationships.

I have wondered if somehow in the Law of Attraction, I set the stage to attract a person who was not able or interested in a committed relationship?

OR - perhaps, we were both vibrating at that same desire of relationship and then his changed?

Another question - is there a way to vibrate in such a way to attract capable partners?

I am in midst of the 30-day Unlock The Power WorkBook.


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To the first part of your question, about what state of vibration you were in at the time this relationship changed.

It is very difficult to analyse every thought and every feeling that goes to make up your point of attraction, in fact, I would say that it was an exercise that was not really worth contemplating.

The only comment I can make is that the relationship, when it was initially manifested, matched both your vibrations. But, for some reason, which can only be put down to either yours or his point of attraction, the relationship became a manifestation of discord rather than one of harmony.

Now, I would suggest that this discord, when first felt, did not match the thoughts and feelings that you had been holding, however, because of the attention and energy that you gave this unwanted part of your experience, this discord become a matching manifested part of your reality.

It may be that he changed how he felt and thus offered you an alternative experience, yet it can only be that your thoughts and feelings towards this alternative experience, allowed this to become a major part of your reality.

You experienced something that was unwanted and you included this experience into your thoughts and feelings, (admittedly as an experience to avoid). But nevertheless, because you included this experience into your thoughts and feelings, you also included it into a new manifested reality.

This moves us on nicely to the second part of your question, attracting capable partners, yet the two parts of your question are very closely linked.

The trick is here, is to focus on what you want as if it already existed, rather like you did at the beginning of your journey, your visualizations, affirmations etc., yet when you experience a reality that does not match you ‘wants’, offer this part of your experiences no thought or feeling.

How are you supposed ‘not to feel bad’ when unwanted situations show up?

This is the million-dollar question….

If you accept that the Law of Attraction aligns to your reality a match to your focused thought and feelings, it’s not surprising that when you have an unwanted experience, and you think about this unwanted experience, that unwanted experiences keep showing up.

This is a Catch 22, and once you are in this cycle of what I would call default manifestation, how can you ever break it?

How could you not think about what you have, when what you have makes you think so much?

If you are faced with an unwanted reality, before you try and change it, you must, at first deal with your thoughts about it.

In fact, it is your thoughts about unwanted things that will stop you from ever changing things, and unless you deal with this thought, you will always be aligned with things that you will have to deal with.

Getting Happy Now is the very first step to Changing Now.

This is the whole purpose of the Unlock The Power WorkBook you are following, as it teaches you to start to think differently towards what is happening now, and as you start to see ‘Now’ for what it is, it becomes far easier to add or take away experiences from the ‘Now’ moment you are having.

I know that this part of the course doesn’t encourage you to visualize or affirm, but to be perfectly honest, if you have an unwanted experience Now, it is only because this unwanted experience matches how you think, and unless you change how you think about ‘Now’, you will be set to continue similar unwanted experiences.

So my suggestion would be, for now, to continue to follow the exercises in the WorkBook, and focus your attention and energy to the best of now. Start to think of your experiences in a new light, and begin to identify the best of your ‘Nows’, regardless of what these experiences are made up of.

Learn to look at reality from a new direction. And, as you fail to align to the negative parts of what you have, slowly and surely those negative parts will begin to loosen their grip.

It is from here that I suggest that you start to visualize and affirm your ideals, because these ideals would not then become keys to happiness, as happiness would already be found, they will become desires in which your happiness can continue to be enhanced, and as such, quickly become a part of your experiences.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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