Dinner With A Rock Star

For a week or so I visualized having dinner with a famous musician. At the time I had no direct link to this particular musician. I also am not a celebrity or wealthy. I'm rich on the inside but on the outside some would probably consider me part of the "working poor".

Anyways 7 months later, I'd forgotten all about my meditations until I was sitting across the table from this particular musician and a few of his friends having dinner. When I remembered my meditations the experience became even more surreal. I was grinning ear to ear!

I will keep this particular "rock star" anonymous but I will tell you he is not some washed up musician that one would have easy access to. He's a household name that continues to play to 80,000 fans in football stadiums around the world to this day. In 7 months the impossible became possible. I believed it and the universe did the arranging.

This is a true story. Believe me and believe in the Law of Attraction.

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