Do Dreams Really Come True??

by Courtney Herb
(Ha! Dream On!!<33)

Ok well I'm really confused..but excited at the same time! I always have these dreams where I'm with this guy and I only catch glimpses at him. But we're totally comfortable around each other and it's GREAT!!

But he has black hair that's kinda shaggy and medium length and he's really pale and kinda 6'1.

So then I got this fortune cookie that said "Your charm has inspired a secret admirer" Sooo I was like 'YAY!! OMG! HE'S REAL!'

Ok then...I took this quiz that said, In the spring break of 2012 you will meet your dream guy. He will be 6'1 (weird right????) and surfing at the beach when he accidentaly hits you with his surfing board. And I was thinking...Omg! I always go to the beach during spring break!! But I find that weird!! And amazing at the same time!!

I'm 13 gonna be 14 on April 9th but I'm in love with a dream :( Does anyone else find this like...fate??

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Feb 01, 2012
there is something about it
by: Anonymous

I can't tell you if it's fate or not, but it may mean something...I'm sure though, that if you'll continue thinking about it, this guy may really appear in your life. This is the Law of Attraction, it's supposed to bring you whatever you visualize and wish for. It's no different if you wish for a certaing thing OR a real person and due to your visualization, the thing must manifest in your life. In this case, it's a guy. The things you attracted, as the fortune cookie message and stuff, it's the projection of your thoughts and it may soon manifest in a real person. That's how this works, it's like when you think of a song and then you hear it in a commercial, it's because you think about it and keep it in your head.

I'd say, visualize it, feel it and then try to forget about it. It will show up in your life somehow, but you mustn't obsess about it. You'll find out for yourself in no time, just relax & let it happen. I wish you all the best! xx

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