Evolution and Spirituality
The Science of Mind

These thoughts of evolution and spirituality are a collection of ideas put forward by Ernest Holmes in his great book the Science of Mind.

If we studied the evolution of 'Man' we would see that, Intelligent Man was preceded by Instinctive Man. An instinctive creature who was unaware of himself and his surroundings.

But when Instinctive Man made his first greatest discovery, I AM, the evolutionary process stopped, and Intelligent Man took over.

So where did Instinctive Man go?

Instinctive Man relied purely on instinctive thought, there was no reason for things, they just were, a kind of animal state. But where is he?

Well he is still there, we cannot see him, but we know he is there, he is our subconscious, our un-objecting self, the doer in you, or the God in Man.

Evolution and Spirituality: Perfect Man

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So if nature through evolution created Instinctive Man, to a point that he was intelligent, why is he not perfect?

To create a perfect being, it must have free will and choice, we must have the freedom to be perfect and we must discover this perfection for ourselves.

But throughout our growth and advancement our instinct keeps telling us that there must be something more, the human race has suffered greatly, throughout all history, as disease, hardship and discord as proceeded the crowning tomb of death, to end all.


Why all the suffering, sorrow sickness and sin, only to be met by an ultimate sinking into the soil?

It is the Instinctive Man who said that "there must be something more," Instinctive Man had spoken, "Know Thyself," look within for the answer of life.

Man's Greatest Discovery

This has been man's greatest discovery, and man's greatest adventure, the discovery of mind.

But what of mind, Intelligent Man always new of mind, it told him what he needed, when to eat, how to hunt and build, it's just his brain.

But can the brain think?

If it could then we could take it out of our body and it would go right on thinking.

So the brain alone cannot think, as man in a physical form cannot think without a brain, it follows that there must be a thinker in man, a thinker that uses the brain of man to think.

But what is this thinker, who is he, we cannot see him so how can we know that he exists.

There are many powers of nature we cannot see, but we do not doubt their existence, we see the effect of electricity and gravity, but we do not see the cause, we do not see electricity.

Evolution and Spirituality: Self Discovery

It is man who has discovered himself, it is man who has applied this knowledge. His body has been produced by a process of evolution which took man to the realisation of himself, evolution ceased when man discovered that he could think and reason.

But what of his thoughts?

Where did his thoughts go?

Man had discovered that he could think and that his thoughts returned to him as memory.

This led to the conclusion that memory was active, an inner mental action. Our bodies are not conscious of life, but are thought is conscious of our body, it must be that our body is operated by thought.

If then our body is operated by thought, so it must be operated by memory, as memory is active thought.

Therefore as memory is the collection of conscious thought and operates the body, memory must be an unconscious operation of what was once conscious thought.

This is the formation of habit, the way we learn. This is how we run, walk and talk, without thinking.

Evolution and Spirituality: Two Minds

The conclusion must be that we have 2 minds. One mind being the seat of habit, our memory, what we call subjective or subconscious mind. The other the seat of reason, our analytical, objective or conscious mind. The conscious mind thinks and acts while the subconscious mind builds and operates, the subconscious body builder and maintainer

So as we think, we impress our thought on the subconscious, and the subconscious must do as directed, the action of thought will produces the reaction of that thought.

So any imperfection, must be a result of imperfect thought. All thoughts of disease, upset and discord must be a result of imperfect thinking, it then follows that if we change the way we think, so must the conditions we experience.

Evolution and Spirituality: Universal Mind

Mans next great discovery was that our thoughts reached others.

Feeling for others, feelings of love, harmony, comfort and vibes, hatred and uneasiness are more than life experience, they are instinctive thoughts, instinctive reactions to mental frequency. Our thought has a measurable vibration, our personal wavelength and nature has a way of lining compatible things up with each other, or repelling the incompatible, just as oil repels water or north attracts south

But our thought could do more than feel frequency, it could influence and impress others, we see this in hypnosis and healing.

So man had discovered that our objective mind could not only influence our own subjective mind, but could influence the subjective mind of others. This being so, it must follow that thought must act through a universal medium, a universal mind or the Law of God.

Conditions and Thought

So what of our physical world?

If we can help and heal ourselves and others by thinking into a Universal Mind, surely we could affect our physical world.

Why were some people rich and some poor? Was it fate or luck? How could some people be happy and prosperous while others were unhappy and poor?

Some people succeed and some people fail, yet we all operate in the same condition, everything is run by man himself, so the difference must be from within.

Mans next great discovery was the realization that conditions are controlled by thought, that changed thought changes affairs, that right thinking produces right conditions.

Mans next great discovery was the realization that conditions are controlled by thought, that changed thought changes affairs, that right thinking produces right conditions.

Evolution and Spirituality: Right Thinking

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So man discovered that he could control his affairs by right thinking; he could bring into his experience the things he wished to enjoy if he thought correctly; and since this was all in accordance with law he could do so consciously.

He realized that the time would come when every one would think correctly; and poverty, unhappiness, and all that goes with them, would be swept from the face of the earth. They were never intended to be, but man had misused his power; now that he understood, he would change his whole manner of thinking and consequently he would become happy and have plenty.

But every one did not believe this. Many said that it was a foolish idea, while others said that it was too good to be true. However, it was soon proven that whoever would believe and comply with the Law could prove it to be true. If some did not wish to believe, that was all right; there were plenty who would, and the direct proofs of their lives would in time convince others.

In this way, eventually, all would be saved from unbearable conditions. The thing to do was to teach the Law to those who did believe.

We explore this further in the Evolution and Spirituality Chapters of Unlock The Power of You, our very own Law of Attraction Training Programme.

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