Exact Steps To Master The Law of Attraction

I believe that everything we need is within us and whatever we envision, we are looking at what's ACTUALLY happening in our life. That life, since we are living in this physical world, supposed to come in physical form.

Please tell me, with THIS belief, why am I still waiting for what I want?????

Everyday, it bothers the hell out of me because I know how to follow instructions; allowing, being happy, going about my business...etc. I am to the point where someone has to give me step by step ways of HOW they manifested something they always wanted, and EXACTLY what the person did so I can emulate that.

Seven years of "trusting the universe", is waaaay to long. Since you know how, please tell me, step by step.

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The reason you are still waiting for the things you want, is the reason you are still waiting for the things you want.

I know that sounds a bit confusing, but the more you notice that you do not have the things you want, and offer this ‘noticing’ a vibration, or emotion, the more the Law of Attraction lines things up, with the vibration you are in.

You even say that “Everyday, it bothers the hell out of me,” this is your vibration, and everyday the Law of Attraction matches you up with the vibration you are giving, so everyday, you will have more things to bothers the hell out of you.

Take a look at this video from Abraham, talking through Ester Hicks, answering much the same question, it’s called Aligning With Your Veritable Fortune.

So what is the Step-by-Step process to apply the Law of Attraction?

In the film The Secret, they explain the process as Ask, Believe and Receive, which is the correct process to use, but can leave people a little confused.

Step 1: To Ask.

The Asking stage is split into two parts; the first is a goal setting exercise, followed by an effective visualization.

Goal Setting.

Without firm, precise and definite goals in your life, you will never begin to harness this power.

In your case, let’s say your goal was to achieve financial success, you might then, write your goal in the following way.

“I want to attract Financial Success into my life.”

But your goal would never be reached!

You see the Law of Attraction is driven by emotion, and the underlying emotion in this goal is ‘wanting.’ Using a goal like this fails to manifest the goal, but manifests a stronger feeling of ‘wanting’ the goal.

To write an effective goal, you will need to replace the word ‘want’ with the emotion you'll have when you attract it, this is your Primary Drive Emotion.

Follow these 4 simple questions to work out your primary drive emotion.

In your example you may write the answers as follows...

  1. What is your Desired Outcome?

  2. Financial Success

  3. How will you know when you are successful?

  4. I’ll have the things I want and no financial worries.

  5. What will your success look like?

  6. Enjoying life, nice home, car, holidays.

  7. How will it feel when you are successful?

  8. Love Life, freedom, exciting experiences, security

Your Primary Drive Emotion would be the answer to the last question, how will it feel when you are successful? In this case pride, elation and excitement.

Now write your goal in the present tense, replacing the word ‘want’ with your Primary Drive Emotion, and see how much more powerful it is.

“I am enjoying the Security and Loving the Freedom and Excitement that my Financial Success continues to bring Me.”

Using the word ‘continue’ is important as a ‘process word’ as it presupposes that you will ‘continue’ to have Success.


The Law of Attraction teacher Charles Haanel, tells us to “Live the spirit of these things, until they become yours by right.” What he is saying here, is the true secret to Unlocking the Law of Attraction.

He is telling us to visualize our goals to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, and that to ‘live in the spirit’ of a thing, is the true way of visualizing.

Visualization should be a daily exercise, usually taking between 20 to 30 minutes.

To start with you must first take control of your body.

To do this find a quiet place away from any disturbance, sit upright in a comfortable position and remain still for 10 minutes. While you are doing this let your mind wonder, and don’t worry about the thoughts that pop in and out of your head.

Do this for daily for 4 or 5 days, increasing your ‘still time’ until you are able to sit comfortably without moving for 20 to 30 minutes.

Next, you must try and gain control of your mind. Take the same position and again remain still for about 20 to 30 minutes.

While you are sitting there, try not to think about anything, try to empty your mind.

This is a very difficult exercise, as it is not something many of us try, however persevere for 4 or 5 days, and you will find that you have spells of seconds here and there, when your mind is completely blank.

The next step is to visualize your goal.

Again take your place in a quiet position, sit still and start to clear your mind.

When you are relaxed and comfortable start to run a film of your goal in your head.

Run the film of what your financial success look likes, feel the emotion that fills your body as you see your witness your financial success, feel love of life, the sense of freedom, the excitement and the feelings of security that overflows from you.

Step 2: To Believe.

The believing stage is where you avoid fear and worry.

Fear and worry, are what we call the Law of Attraction blockers, and undo all your good visualizing work.

Fear and worry and the negative thoughts that enter your mind, for example, will I get the results I want? How will my success come? I know I am going to fail? I don’t want to feel the feeling of failure again?

Ok I know that is impossible to never fear or worry ever again, as if you were pulling a switch. These thoughts will enter your mind, and you seem to have no control over them.

But you do have a choice.

You can either entertain the thought by adding more fears and worries to it, letting it grow uncontrollably, until it destroys all your positive energy.

Or, you can get something for it....

How do you get something for it?

By replacing the negative thought with a positive thought, in your case, each time you have a negative thought that ‘bothers the hell out of you,’ repeat your goal as an affirmation.

“I am enjoying the Security and Loving the Freedom and Excitement that my Financial Success continues to bring Me.”

Step 3 To Receive

To receive sounds the simplest to step to take, but quite often it is the hardest to grasp.

I liken the receive step to the old story about the man who prayed to God for rescue as floodwaters rose around his house.

The first man came with a rowboat and asked him to hop aboard. The man said, no, I'm praying to God, and he will rescue me.

As the waters came up to the second floor, a team in a motorboat came by offering to take the man to safety. No, he said, I am praying to God, and he will rescue me.

The waters rose further, forcing the man to flee to his rooftop. A helicopter swooped overhead and another rescue team lowered a basket to save him from the floodwaters.

No, I am praying to God to save me, the man told them.

The waters rose and the man drowned. As he stood before his Maker, he shook his fist and said, "I prayed and prayed for you to rescue me. Why didn't you answer my prayers!"

God said, "But I sent a rowboat, a motorboat and a helicopter! What more did you want me to do?"

Receiving is about recognising signs and opportunity to take you a step nearer to your goal.

Receiving is about always moving forward, never noticing or telling the story about things that don’t seem to be coming your way.

Receiving is the true art of ‘Living the Spirit’ of your goals, as you take up the position of having it now, and are able to express gratitude for the things you are getting in your life.

Receiving is being able to repeat the following affirmation with conviction and sincerity.

“I am so happy and grateful that I am enjoying the Security and Loving the Freedom and Excitement that my Financial Success continues to bring Me.”



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