Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn

by Lisa

Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn, is an excellent book for beginners in the Law of Attraction! Very easy and lighthearted. My favorite book ever on the Law of Attraction.

Book Description

It is often the case that we sometimes disregard our feelings and carry on living life the way we have always lived it, but our emotions are in fact the key to finding a life that is the way we always dreamt it would be.

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Top life coach and author Lynn Grabhorn helps us to realise how negative feelings create negative energy and events, then presents the techniques we can use to recognise these negative emotions, change them into positive ones - and watch the transformation begin.

Written in a clear, friendly, direct style and with real-life anecdotes as examples, this book uncovers the real strength behind our emotions - and will help everyone who has ever wanted to turn their life around to achieve their true desires.

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