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I've been experiencing in the past few years something that I understand, but am unable to deal with effectively. It is the difficulty to maintain eye contact while conversing with others.

Usually my thinking drifts from paying attention to the conversation into concentrating on where should I look. It's really annoying and sometimes it makes me avoid people just because I'll be unable to have eye contact with them.

What is also annoying is that I feel that the person I'm talking to is getting unnecessary tension because of my "looks" that I'm sure do not carry any bad feelings or insinuations.

I've read an article suggesting that this could be part of a "shyness syndrome," however, I do not consider myself to be shy.

Finally, this phenomenon fluctuates, but I haven't been able to relate this fluctuation to any specific factor (i.e., it does not change whether talking to men or women).

Can a deep hypnosis or regression help me? Are affirmations enough? I just don't know what to do anymore. It is just ridiculous.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

This is not a subject that I can answer confidently, but I will give you a bit of advice and suggest some areas to look at.

I am sure that Hypnosis will help you, but please be careful who you use. Make sure that any prospective practitioner has the relevant qualifications, is a member of your countries professional hypnosis organisation, and has a good track record.

I would use affirmations with caution, and be very careful when you construct an affirmation. Although a well-worded affirmation will undoubtedly help, a poorly worded affirmation could even compound the problem.

I would highly recommend using EFT, which stand for Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT uses a mix of affirmation and similar healing to acupuncture, and has some very high success rates on all types of physical and emotional problems.

Take a look at the Try It On Everything Website for a video presentation on EFT and some great information on how to administer it.

As you will see, EFT has been used successfully in pain management, depression, psychological problems as well as on medical conditions.


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