Fear Is Almost Killing Me

My name is Zelalem, and I am from Ethiopia. I have been involved in Network Marketing for the past 3 years, but I am not moving ahead with what I should be doing and what I can achieve, because of my fear of rejection.

I have seen the secret, read many articles and books...But my FEAR is crippling me.

I want to solve my fear of rejection by using the law of attraction, but I can't seem to move forward...

I have heard fear is false evidence appearing real, but my fear of rejection is really real to me....Can you please help me?

How I can adjust my vibration about my fear and live exciting life?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Well Zelalem, you’re in good company, I don’t think that there is a network marketer or salesman who hasn’t come face to face with the fear of rejection.

Even the great Zig Zigglar, the best motivational speaker of our time, said that he almost failed as a salesman, “I still had the fear of rejection, and didn't understand that prospects weren't rejecting me, they were only rejecting the offer I was making them."

That’s the point Zelalem, you have never been rejected, perhaps your product, your ideal or your point of view has, but they’re not you.

You are in a difficult industry, one that people are all to quick to criticize, if you succeed they will tell you that it’s not legitimate, if you do not succeed they will say, “I told you so.”

But as Zig says, “You can get whatever you want, if you help enough people get whatever they want.”

And as for this fear being, “false evidence appearing real”, who cares, if it is real to you, it’s real!

So how do you get over this fear?

Masterminding would be good, who’s in your up-line? Any good trainers there?

Think about the principle of Network Marketing (recruit and train), if your not getting the support from your up-line, find someone else. Get yourself a mentor and prospect with them.

Who’s in your down-line? Are you training and supporting them?

Maybe set up your own small mastermind group to feed off each other.

This fear is rather like the ides of pain or gain that Anthony Robbins talks about.

“We link more pain to taking action than to not taking action. The need to avoid pain is biological
and your mind will do almost anything to avoid pain. This pain is not just physical pain, but also, and more so, sensations that we associate pain to. All through our lives we have learned to associate pain or pleasure to certain experience based on the feedback we receive. These associations are recorded in our minds and are "used" to help us take quicker decisions and actions next time a similar situation presents itself.

The challenge with our associations is the fact that they are mostly formed unconsciously and we tend to make inaccurate associations that will control our behaviour in the future. In order to overcome, we need to instead, learn how to focus on the long-term pain of what will happen if we don't take action.”

Using affirmations will certainly help you, and there is a lot of information on the Affirmation Page.

I would also consider using EFT, which is a healing technique based on acupuncture. Check out the website, there are some great testimonials and I know that they have had tremendous success with things like public speaking and presentations.

Have you read Think and Grow Rich, or more importantly, have you followed the steps?

If not, do!

You can get a copy from my Law of Attraction Library

Also try The Law of Success, an earlier version of Napoleon Hill’s work, which is far more in-depth. You can read the first 6 chapters when you sign up for the Free Lessons of Unlock The Power of You, the Law-of-Attraction-Guide training program.

As Network Marketing starts with recruiting and lead generation, have you considered the internet?

Generating leads is "made for the Net." But that's not the way matters have unfolded. Why? Because everyone in the industry has tried to force offline methods, online.

Tell your network marketing prospects that there's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects) when you can motivate them to pull (i.e., they call you). Why try to "create interest" when you can find people who already have the interest.

Take a look at this page from the company that I used to make this site, Network Marketing with SBI

And if you’d like to take a free marketing course, check out this page, Law-of-Attraction-Guide Free Marketing Course

A wish you luck Zelalem, and let me know how you get on...


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