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I understand and have successfully used Law of Attraction to attract certain things I really wanted. Since I discovered LOA in 2008, I have gone back to school for my MBA, found a great company to work for, met and fell in love with my current partner, and had 2 beautiful babies. In a short 3 yrs I did all but I still consider myself student at applying the Law of Attraction.

How can I bring more prosperity to my partner??

We are married spiritually but not officially yet. He has bad credit and I wish for this to be addressed before combining finances. He is a hard worker but is not paid well. His job offers much more flexibility than mine, which benefits our children, not having to go to day-care. That is the reason he stays there. The little he does make, he contributes for household expenses. There is very little leftover to chip away his debt.

He does not get stressed by money issues as often as I do even though, I am more financially sound and on the up & up. He also does not spend money like I do on frivolous things. Outwardly he appears to live the Law of Attraction better than I do. He is always positive and says he is happy.

While my credit is better, I have not fully master attracting abundance and could do better. Any additional tips??

Can I transfer positive vibes and thoughts to affect his financial reality too??

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The Law of Attraction does not align you to the things you want or need, it aligns you to events in your life that reflects back to you, what you are. That is, what you think, what you believe and what you feel.

It is how you think, believe and feel about the experiences you are having, that through the Law of Attraction, you align to events that help you to continue to think, believe and feel this way.

Can you get what you want and need by applying the Law of Attraction?

Yes you can, but only as you neither want and need these things.

To explain, if your current reality is causing you to want or need something, for as long as you think about this want, believe that you lack it and feel the needing of this thing within yourself, you shall align to events in your life that help you to continue to think, believe and feel more want and need.

The Law of Attraction does not reflect back to us the things we are wanting and needing, it reflects back to us the things we are, our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

You could say that the Law of Attraction is not the Law of Change that everyone thinks it is, it is more the Law of ‘Status Quo’, of staying still, of re-experience, as what we align to are the things we already posses within.

If then the Law of Attraction align us to experiences depending on what we think and feel, then our thoughts and feelings are important to know. But because our thoughts are always in motion, what we think and feel are not easy things to analyse. There are our predominant thoughts and feelings, there are our in the moment thoughts and feelings, and to confuse the issue further, especially when we are aware of how important it is to think in a particular way, there are our thoughts and feelings that we know we should have.

So how can we know what we have been thinking, believing and feeling?

As the Law of Attraction aligns us to experiences that help us to continue to think, and believe and feel in the same way, then we only need to look at our current experiences to know what we have thought, believed and felt.

To know your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about your financial experience, simply look at your financial experiences, as they are a perfect match to your thoughts, believes and emotions.

Although this will do nothing to change your financial reality, it will help you to understand that what you think, believe and feel about money is exactly reflected in your experiences.

This leads to an obvious question… How do you change an experience?

It is not too unusual for someone who is facing an unwanted reality, to try and change the experience physically.

When it comes to money, they move from job to job, gamble and chase lottery jackpots, to try to change the experience that they have been having. But what they fail to understand is that, the amount of money they have in their reality is an exact reflection of the thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Yes there may be exceptions to this rule, as seemingly out of the blue and against there thoughts and feelings, someone may receive a lucrative job offered or win a lucky jackpot, however, even in these cases, unless this person changes the way they had been thinking, believing and feeling, their finances shall quite quickly reduce to represent their thoughts.

There are many examples of lottery winners who have lost everything they have won, almost as quickly as they won it. Before their winnings they had fear of debt and believed that they would never be debt free, and as they failed to change these thoughts, their reality quickly reflected them.

If your experience was of lack, it follows that your thoughts, beliefs and feelings were of lack, so to change this experience, you need to change your thoughts, your beliefs and your feelings.

Not an easy task when your reality is of lack, but nevertheless, this is what you must do.

As a practical exercise there is great value in getting happy where you are now, regardless of the reality you are experiencing.

This is often referred to as adopting an attitude of gratitude, and is a valuable exercise.

Being grateful helps you to focus on what is good in your now experience, and as you shift your thoughts and feelings to the best of now, you align to more best of now experiences.

To do this make a list of everything that makes you happy in your life right now, and then each morning and each evening, spend some time focusing and feeling these experiences. Become very familiar with what is good right now, and as more good experiences come, list them and focus upon them too.

Awareness of your thought and emotions is also important, because as you become more aware of what is in your mind, you become more aware of what you are aligning to. However, do not over analyse each and every thought and emotion you have, that could drive you insane.

Also, try not to categorise your thoughts into positive and negative, or good or bad thoughts. Many people try this, and as they do, they attempt to change a negative thought into a positive one, which not only is impossible, it actually exaggerates the negative thought.

This is clearly demonstrated when I tell you not to think of the color red.

I am sure that red is what you thought, and would always think if you tried not to think it.

Instead of positive or negative, split your thoughts into to groups, thoughts that take you further from your desires, or thoughts that take you nearer to your desires.

For example, if you were in a lot of debt and found it difficult to pay your bills, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions could have been, thinking in terms of what you do not have, believing that no further money could come, and feeling fear at not managing to pay your next bill.

If this was your experience then it would be understandable that your desire would be to be financial free, and many people going through this experience would try to apply the Law of Attraction by only thinking financial free thoughts, and try to control every thought that came their way that did not match this financial free attitude.

This seems rather like a battle of mind and will, and given that they would be facing the reality that in no way represented their desires, this battle would be almost impossible to win.

But if instead, you changed your thinking to what you had, believing that enough money would come, and feeling hopeful that you could pay your next bill, this may not represent financial freedom, but it would be a step towards this desire, and much easier to achieve.

If then, as you became more aware of your thoughts, and as you recognize thoughts that lead you away from the reality you most wanted to experience, instead of condemning these thoughts and attempting to stop them, simply swap this thought for a practised gratitude thought from you list of the best of now experiences.

One of the reasons that many people fail to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, is that, although they manage to match their thoughts and feelings to their desires during their visualizations, because their experiences in no way match their visualizations, they quickly slip back into their usually way of thinking.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend using techniques like visualizations, at least until your experience now, was a happy one.

So can you transfer positive vibes and thoughts to affect your boyfriend’s reality?

Generally, the rule is that you cannot manifest in another’s experience, as you can only control your thoughts and emotions, not his. However, if you could align yourself to the financial freedom you desire, there would be nothing stopping you from settling his past debts. But it would be much more effective if you could get him to practise these ideas for himself, and done together, the attracting power of your combined thoughts, beliefs and feelings, would be unstoppable.


John Peace

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Feb 11, 2012
by: Monica

I am just amazed at how CLEAR you have made it in these lines. I will get to work in my best of now right away!

I suppose then I should not be using the IT WORKS book at all??? As it gives instructions to make a list of your wants and read it x3 a day...
Many thanks for your blog, I love to read it and learn !

Feb 11, 2012
by: John Peace

Hi Monica, You will find many contradictions when you read about the Law of Attraction.

The problem is that not all exercises will work for everyone, as it all depends from where you are starting.

But you can never go wrong when you focus on the best of anything.

With Gratitude

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