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I initially tried focusing on what I want, but it is really hard. I’m a freshman student and my marks could be described as nothing but horrible. I know I have what it takes to be right there up with the best students but every time I try focusing on being the best, something in my head tells me I don’t deserve it.

It’s really stressing me up and affecting every other area of my life, I am always depressed, afraid and feel like such a failure.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me. I also worry too much of what people think of me, always trying to impress them, and not doing the things I love.

How can I start living the life that I want to.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

It is very important to find the best of where you are now before you start to try and move forward.

If you try focusing on where you want to be, but you still carry a vibration, or thoughts and feelings about being unworthy, not getting the results you want, being stressed, and feeling a failure, all your focusing on what you want, sort of confirms where you are.

And as you then feel more negative emotion, you then try and focus on what you want harder, it then confirms even more about where you are now.

It’s like this focusing on what you want only adds to the vibration of what you don’t want, and then as you think and feel more of what you don’t want, more of that unwanted reality keeps turning up.

I would suggest that you write down all the great experience and feelings that you have now, and then spend sometime thinking and feeling about these good things.

Write a thorough list about everything that is positive in your life right now, and just spend time focusing on that list.

Then, at any time you feel any negative feelings, you would repeat this list to yourself, adding in a ‘won’t it be nice’ statement at the end. It would go something like this….

“I am so happy with my life now, as I feel……………………………, won’t it be nice when I start to see the improvements in my exams that I so thoroughly deserve.”

By doing this you will be adjusting your vibration to very best of what you have, enabling you to match that vibration and make you experience more of these good feelings.

You will also be de-emphasising the lack of achieving your goals, but including the possibility of this reality into your vibration.

In would be only when you are feeling happier at the place you are now, that I would suggest that you start to focus on where you wish to be.

But when it comes to visualizing your desired end results in your exams. it is quite clear that you cannot achieve this, without taking some action.

You need to take action to improve your knowledge, you need to take action to apply your time, you need to take action to understand your subject, and you need to take action to communicate your understanding.

All of these actions are a condition of your desired end results, and without taking the desired action, the desired end result would be difficult, or even impossible to reach.

And as these are conditions that have to be met, I would suggest that you include these conditions as ‘achieved conditions’ in your visualization.

Picture yourself studying with confidence, being comfortable with your knowledge, and achieving each step of study, as you run up towards your exam.

Next, move to the day of the exam, picture yourself preparing in the morning feeling relaxed and happy, see yourself entering the exam room and opening the paper, with the confidence that you can answer all the questions. Visualize yourself smiling as you write down each question, as each word flows into your brain and through to your pen with ease.

Now move forward to the day of the results, and see yourself opening the envelope containing your grades, feel the emotion that fills your body as you see your pass, feel the pride, the elation and the excitement that overflows from you.

Of course, as you are attempting this, because you are starting from a much more comfortable vibration of being happy where you are now, there are going to be less instances of negative feeling. But that is not to say that this unwanted way of thinking won’t pop up again, after all you’ve been practising this for some time.

The trick here is just to reach for the better thought as soon as you are aware of the negative thought.

So it would go something like this…

You catch yourself thinking, “My marks up to have been horrible.”

You change it to, “Even though my past marks have been poorer than I expected, I am so happy that they have enabled me to understand my focus, and in what areas I need to concentrate in order to improve.”

You catch yourself thinking, “I don’t think I can do this.”

You change it to, “Even though I think I can’t do this, I know deep down that I have it in me, and this feeling of how difficult this can be, inspires me to concentrate even harder on what I want to achieve.”

By doing this, each time you slip into a negative thought, instead of allowing this thought to fester and grow, you would bring it to an abrupt and, and simply turn that negative emotion to a positive view.


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