Get Back With My Ex With The Law of Attraction

by Karen
(Channel Islands)

I would love to get back with my ex but I know you say you can't make someone want you, plus he already has another partner.

However, I am constantly thinking about my ex every day and wishing we were back together, and I know that is the wrong route to take as I am getting myself more of what I don't have (am I right on this point??).

What do I have to do in order to bring love/romance/partner into my life when it's my ex that I truly want to be with????

I'm at my wits end.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To begin with, you need to define what it is you really want.

Your answer to that I guess would be, to be with your ex, but that is not really the experience you want.

The experience you want is to be in a loving, caring and sharing relationship, a relationship of mutual and unconditional love, a relationship of cooperative creation full of joy and romance.

The confusion that you are having is that you seem to think that your ex is the experience you desire, not the experience itself. You are confusing the desire you have, with what you believe, is the source to manifest this desire.

In other words, you know what you want as an experience, but because you do not have that experience, you feel negative emotion. You are then focusing on something that may fill that void, but because you do not have that something, you feel more negative emotion. You then focus even harder on that something that may fill that bigger void, but because you still do not have that something, you feel even more negative emotion.

This is kind of an obsession. You know your desired experience, and you think that this experience can only be fulfilled through one source, and as you cannot have this source of fulfilment, you focus and think more and more about it.

This is really a classic case of looking for love in all the wrong places.

You see, the Law of Attraction brings your experiences to you, in synchronicity to your vibration. What I mean is this. Your experiences are always a match to your vibration, and your vibration is determined by your focused thoughts and feelings.

It is the way you think and feel that determines your reality.

In knowing this, so many people get hung up about their negative feelings, and in an attempt to define what they want, they use all sorts of techniques to define their desires, thinking that as soon as they receive their desires, their negative emotion will disappear.

But this is not the case. You cannot fill the void of negativity with the desires you are seeking, because this negativity is the very thing that keeps your desires away from you.

In your case, you know that the experience you desire is to be in a loving, caring and sharing relationship, a relationship of mutual and unconditional love, a relationship of cooperative creation full of joy and romance.

And because you do not have this experience, you feel bad.

You then try plugging the gap with the only source of this desire you know, which can never work, as it is your ‘feeling bad’ emotion that is the only thing that keeps you from experiencing your desires

The only way to get from where you are vibrationaly, to where you want to be in reality, is to change the vibration of where you are now. There is no other way.

In fact, this negative emotion that you are feeling is just an indication of the gap between the vibration of your desires, and the vibration that you are holding. And as soon as you raise the vibration you have, to a vibration that is nearer to your desires, you will feel the relief.

Watch this video from Abraham-Hicks, called A Relationship Rampage, it demonstrates this really well.

Relationship Rampage

So how do you raise your vibration?

The very best way to raise your vibration is through appreciation and gratitude.

Do everything in your power to notice, talk about, tell the story of, be grateful for, be happy about and love, about your experience now. Resist the temptation to complain, to moan and to condemn anything in your experience now, and concentrate your thoughts on the best of your now experience.

Notice the care in your life, and be caring.

Notice the generosity in your life, and be sharing.

Notice the joy in your life, and be joyous.

Notice the love in your life, and be loving.

Learn to live in the spirit of the desires you seek, and as soon as you do, the experiences you long for shall belong to you.

Here’s another video from Abraham-Hicks, called A Rampage of Love, if you can, watch this every day.

Rampage of Love

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Jun 02, 2010
There's something not right here.
by: Jerry

People are not robots, and people are not coldly programmable even by themselves. When you try to put everything into a formula - eg. Steps to raising your vibration - you fail to recognize that people are human beings.

By that I mean that there is always something more going on than flows of energy.

If a woman or a man is constantly thinking of, or dreaming of someone they want to be in a relationship with, is it not possible that their heart is telling them something? And if they are having constant thoughts and feelings about a person, it shouldn't be surprising if the other person is having similar thoughts and feelings.

If you want to get back together with someone, the best thing to do is talk with them. Chances are they are in sync with your thoughts and feelings already. Chances are a little time together might restore a harmony. (like when you pluck one guitar string, and the string next to it vibrates, and then the two strings adjust and work things out between themselves. )

Good luck.

Jun 03, 2010
Law-of-Attraction-Guide Response
by: John Peace

Hi Jerry, and thank you for your contribution.

It is always good to hear a different view on how this works, it adds to the contrast of experience we all have, and is a welcome addition of choice that many of my readers can think about.

To clarify my answer to this question, I would most definitely agree that people are not robots, and are not coldly programmable, but I do most definitely think that an effort to change the way we feel, especially when facing negative emotions, is not just a worth while exercise, it is the only exercise that is needed.

I subscribe to the belief that your experiences are matched to your vibration, and if you have a predominantly negative vibration about any specific thing, that it follows that your experience on that subject will be predominately negative.

Now I do not suggest that action is inappropriate, far from it, but no amount of action can defy Law. Physical action can never produce a positive result, if it is actioned from a negative place. That would defy Law.

Yes, there is a possibility that someone?s thought about a specific person, could be mirrored in the thought of the person they think about, but this is not Law, this is perhaps. And maybe the action required could be just contacting this person. But this is not known.

However, what is known is this?

To the best of your ability, align to the vibration of your desires, and the Law of Attraction will respond, and provide you a perfect match to your new and improved vibration.

It would be wrong of me to suggest that someone can go from a vibration of desperation, to a vibration of certainty, at a flick of a switch. That would take time and take a lot of effort.

But it is definitely doable to go from a vibration of desperation, to a vibration of hopefulness, and as you become hopeful the Law of Attraction responds and provides a hopeful experience.

And then from a vibration of hopefulness, to a vibration of expectation, to then receive an experience of expectation.

And so on to optimism, belief and ultimately certainty, and while you enter the vibration of certainty, you will be a matching vibration to all that you are wanting.

To me, there is no short cut to this, there is no way of cheating Law, Law is Law, and the work needed to raise our vibration, is the only work worth doing.

If anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below?


Oct 23, 2011
Getting Your Ex Back with LOA
by: Anonymous

Ok so you say raise your vibration to match what you want. Then really you can get your ex back. That was the original question. That what she wants. I agree that focusing on what it would "feel" like to be back with your ex, feeling that joy and positive connection, mutual and unconditional, then this aligns you to what you want.

But it seems another important part is being left out here. The part that once you are vibrationally in alignment with the feelings of having what you desire, whatever that thing is, including a person, you will have that in reality.

Lets say the ex is not vibrating to what it is that you want with that person if your coming from a place of love, something inherently wanted even within the most negative person, spiritually, they will respond in the way you imagined the interaction despite their usual frame of mind or past experiences with them.

That being said, what if the ex is involved with the another person? Would you who is working energetically to love and be with your ex, have the upperhand in the outcome of who he/she ends up with simply because your consciously choosing deliberate creation whereas the other person is just going with the flow "experiencing" come what may?

I would think so, especially if the new lover doesn't know you and isn't aware of competition. Don't hang on the word competition, I'm not saying to come from a competive stance but in actuality you are...that one working behind the scenes anyway.

People ask this question about relationships and the Law Of Attraction, all the time. Each time someone always steps away from saying you can have it. They always say, you can have someone else you don't know who can give you the experience you want. That may be true but you really can have your ex back as well. I mean one of the foundational truths of LOA is that you can attract ANYTHING you want.

Now its like a few gurus on the subject are saying, "well it's limited". No, it either is or it isn't. Someone needs to test it out and not be afraid to get their ex-back with the LOA. That person would be a billionaire.

Any thoughts on this?

Nov 02, 2011
by: John Peace
by: Law-of-Attraction-Guide Response

I do not want to pour cold water onto the attempts that some people are making to ?get with? what they feel are their most desirable mates, but I do feel that the time has come to try and clear up any misunderstandings.

To begin with it would be helpful to define the Law of Attraction, and here is my best definition of the way I feel the Law of Attraction operates.

?Our thoughts and feelings about any given subject make up our vibration, and it is through this vibration, that the Law of Attraction aligns all cooperative circumstances, events and people, in order for us to experience a reality that maintains the vibration we have been holding.?

It is our thoughts and feelings as individuals that produces a specific personal vibration. Through this vibration the Law of Attraction will align certain conditions in our life. These conditions produce an experience for us to help us to think and feel in the same way.

If it is the case, that we as individuals hold a vibration, which in turn, aligns a variety of circumstances, to bring experiences that match our thoughts and feelings, how can we change what we think and feel, in a way that another person becomes aligned to circumstances that, in turn, bring experiences to them that do not match their vibration?

Would that not defy Law?

If this were possible, we would no longer be the masters of our destiny, as our experiences would be determined by the thoughts and feelings of others. This would render a peace less world of battling wills, as we each would struggle to control our lives against the will of another. Prisoners of another?s creative power.

Of course, it would be foolish for me to suggest that one persons ?created? reality, had no effect on another, as this is clearly not the case. This is why it is important to remember that we experience a cooperative reality.

Yes we all hold a vibration, and yes we all create an experience, but when our experiences coexist with another?s, each part of that manifestation must match the thoughts and feelings of each individual involved. Almost a cooperative soup of existence.

When you appreciate this, you will start to see that you are not in control of people. But in much the same way you are neither in control of events and circumstances.

You are in control of thought. And as you think, these events that take place in your experience, are brought to you as a match to what it is you have been thinking.

If you wish to be in a happy, loving, thoughtful, caring and passionate relationship, think it. Think the thoughts of someone who is experiencing a happy, loving, thoughtful, caring and passionate relationship, and as you do, the best events, the ideal circumstances and the perfect people shall align to your experience, as the greatest match to your thoughts, there is.

That Is Law.

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