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A few months ago I had posted my experience with the guy I was in love with. We were madly in love but my fears and past experiences led to misunderstandings and now we are no more together.

Though I tried my best to be the way he wants me to be. I did every possible thing to change myself, but there was something wrong with him. His behaviour towards me was fluctuating daily. And he was not ready to take ownership of any of his actions.

I would want to know that in spite of me directing my energy towards maintaining an amicable relationship, why did things not work out for us?

And I am sure that however he is, we are meant to be together forever, and we would be back.

What do I need to do so as to get back with him? I love him a lot and this love is something out of this world, something more from the past life, and want to be with him again.

Can anyone please guide me? I want him back desperately, my life is meaningless without him. I am operating, but it is just operating, not living.

Please I need help.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To begin with, it is impossible for anyone to say whether you and this guy will get back together, or even should be back together.

It is a fact that you cannot manifest in another’s reality, so it is impossible to tell you what to do, to change his reality.

All I can do is give you an explanation why you have experienced what you have, and show you why you must change your way of thinking, before you can start to attract the experience you desire.

It is often said, that in order to get the things we want, we must Be, Do and then Have. But this can be a little confusing, so I will try to explain the whole manifesting process as simply as I can.

When I describe the Law of Attraction, I will often say that, “the Law of Attraction brings to you the experiences and conditions, based on your focused thoughts and beliefs, whether wanted or unwanted.”

I will also say that, “the experiences that you have, are always a match to your vibration.”

Here’ what I mean by this….

Every feeling you feel, every focused thought you concentrate on, every conscious or subconscious belief you carry, every emotion you express, every complaint you make, every passion you indulge, every disappointment, every tear, and every excited anticipated moment, all make up your vibration.

Every thought, emotion and belief, is who you are, and this greater you, carries a specific and unique vibration.

It is this vibration, that is your signature, and the Law of Attraction will line every place, opportunity and experience up for you, depending solely on your unique vibration. The greater you.

So if you have had a bad experience, or a sad time, there must be a vibrational part of you that attracted it, just in the same way, if you’ve had a good experience and happy time, there must be a vibrational part of you that attracted it.

Therefore, to change a bad experience, you must change your bad vibration, and as this follows Law, your bad experience, must change to.

This is what Be, Do, Have means, the being and doing is setting your vibration, and the having, is the experience you’ll get.

So if you wish to be in a loving relationship, you must first set your vibration

To have this loving relationship, you must Be Love.

Every feeling you feel must be love, every focused thought you concentrate on must be of love, every conscious or subconscious belief you carry must be of love, every emotion you express must be love, every excited anticipated moment must be love.

To have this loving relationship, you must Do Love.

Never complain of no love, never fear being alone, never feel disappointment for lack and never shed a tear of self pity, for all these are actions of without, and if you include these feeling in your vibration, you shall include them in your future experiences.

This is Being and Doing, and once you are being and doing your wanted experiences, the Having, shall be the experience most wanted.


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