Getting The Law of Attraction To Stop Something

by Daniel Llamas
(Santa Paula, California, United States)

This is huge for me. In soccer I wish to never get the ball stolen from me, but I'm not sure if that means I'm focusing on getting it stolen? Maybe my second thought of doubt is what’s tripping me up. Either way, please help me out.(:

My second question is about mistakes, is it possible to ask for zero mistakes? Or doing it right the first time?

Also, can I set an amount of time for the Law of Attraction to work? Let's say I ask the universe to speed up my manifesting (which I have) and I honestly believe I can learn how to use this loa faster than most people, would that make me believe more; making the manifestation actually work faster? I can sort of answer my own questions here, but the reassurance will help with my belief.

Question #4 Action-so I am a pretty athletic guy and I usually have a six-pack, but when I eat a little more it fades. Bob Proctor talks about Paradigms and how people can change their weight by changing their paradigm no matter how much chocolate they eat. Does that mean they require no action? No need to train, study, or work out to become better, get better grades, and become fit. All we need is belief and to alter our paradigm? I feel like action is what thrives the belief, but is it easier to just believe?

Question #5 So I find myself trying to use the Law of Attraction a lot throughout my day. I know it's a law and it works every time. Some things it works almost instantly (btw I've know about the loa for about a month now) and I'm just wondering if I have to spend a certain amount of time visualizing and being grateful for these things to work, or can they just come with belief?

-thank you so much if you can answer these questions my life will be a whole lot better! Thanks

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

OK, you have asked a number of interesting questions and I will try to clear up your confusions.

We live in an inclusive Universe, which means that whatever we give our attention too, whether shouting Yes or No at a thing, includes that thing in our experiences. So for your first question, by focusing on no one taking the ball from you, your focus is on having the ball taken from you, which must result in circumstances by which you lose the ball.

So, to be a football player who retains the ball well, your focus must be on keeping the ball, not losing it, although it must be accepted that you will lose the ball, otherwise watching someone play football without losing the ball stops being a competition, which in turn becomes no challenge, which will ultimately lead to boredom for both you and your team mates, the team you are playing with and of course your supporters.

A better focus would be to become the best footballer you can be, and of course, put plenty of practice into supporting your focus.

When it comes to time and the Law of Attraction, the effort you put into speeding up your manifestations will only serve to slow things down. This is because the Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts and feelings, and to try and align to an experience, you must match your thoughts and feelings to the imagined existence of that experience. Once your predominant thoughts emulate the thoughts you would have if your experience already existed, the experience will manifest.

To try to add speed to a manifestation would suggest that that manifestation did not exist, and if it did not exist and you were thinking about it not existing (as you tried to add speed to it), you would have to align to a reality in which you felt you needed to add speed to a reality that did not yet exist.

Your thought must align to the existence of your desires, not the need for them to manifest.

Your fourth question about paradigms is very true. As Bob Proctor says, if you change your paradigm, what you would normally expect to happen from a certain thought, will not be what you have come to believe will happened.

What he means by a paradigm is a pattern that you would usually follow, which if that pattern changed could manifest a differing result. Really the paradigm if a belief, that has been reached through the witnessing of past practice.

For example, two people could eat the same amount of food, do the same amount of exercising, yet through their beliefs they could have very different body shapes.

Your belief about what will happen if you take a certain action will lead you to witness what will happen, not because you took the action, but because you believed in the result.

But muscle definition would normally be associated with effort and exercise, and it would take a great thinker to produce definition through thought. Yes you could adopt the thought that you could eat more without losing your definition, but as you have a belief that when you eat more your six pack fades, the chances are that as you eat more, you will notice your six pack fade, and as you notice and think about this fading, you will likely eat more, to manifest more fading.

I guess you have a choice. To stop your six-pack from fading, eat less or change your belief. But the question has to be, which one takes more effort?

And to your last question, the Law of Attraction will always bring a match to the way you think and feel, so yes, if you visualize your desires, and hold the focus of your thoughts and feelings as if that visualized desire was true, then the Law of Attraction will align circumstances and events so that the thought that matched the idea of the imagined condition, is matched by the actual alignment of the real condition.

But to express an idea as true when it was only imagined, then that expression must be laced with gratitude and belief for it to be a focused thought.

In other words, if you have a desire that you want to experience, the way to align it to your reality would be to get into a state that you pretend that that desire had already happened, so much so that you believe your state of mind and can express gratitude for the receiving the opportunity to experience of your desires, to the extent that the feeling of imagining having it now is so great, that it really does not matter if you actually experienced it.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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