Grateful for being able to help my friend, my love

I am grateful for God giving me the chance to help my ex-boyfriend through a very, very difficult time after a horrible motorcycle accident. He was unable to walk or take care of himself.

We broke up for reasons that are not worth of mentioning six months before the accident. I was by his side every day for many, many months and even though today after a year and a half, I have decided that it's time for me to move on and go separate lives.

I am grateful for God allowing me give strength to this person when he most needed it and today he walks, he laughs and he is living his life again. That makes me very happy. I love you but I have to let you go...

Thank you God for teaching me that happiness is being unselfish.

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Oct 13, 2011
Thanks for this story
by: Daniel

I admire you.God bless you,may you find happiness to your life and the boyfriend you wish for :)

Nov 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's nice to see, or hear this kind of a story. Sometimes, we need to see things in very possible and flexible ways, as much as it happens around us. Things in every movements rules in our life with no options, but we only realised that they are the ones we are living with, and eventually we actually learn how to live without them. So when they turned out in a bad ways over our life, its when we realised they are what we have been being busy with, to survive or that we have been suffered with it for a longer terms of time.

And yet whe we see them we cant find any where else to go, but to stay and try to survive with it for a reasons, because we needed to stay stronger whatever happens, and to be able to help with an old partner is never yet a question. We have faced so many challenges,i f some trials were not enough to keep a relation stay stronger, then yes maybe its just right to let go. Other wise is shall be the reasons of some possible difficulties in your relatioship, anyway when you say you love some one, it ends up unconditional isn't it?.

You have extended his life, and why not wish for your own! Some what! for a moment of time things will turn out just the same around you guys!. Only GOD KNOWS anyway!

I see from your story, you are a great kind of person. Good luck and advanced happy holidays.

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