Grateful For Every Arena of My Life

by Annette T. Covington
(Henderson, NC)

I am so thankful for living and learning my purpose in life. I am thankful for wisdom to guide direct and protect me in my journey. I am excitedly thankful for my children they are obedient, respectful, lovable, courteous and very smart.

I am grateful for my family and friends that is in my life and more to come. I am grateful and thankful for my home, that is safe and protected, and I own.

I am thankful for my job and position I am able to mentor and motivate to be better people. I am very thankful to touch someone life in the most positive way and they want more. I am thankful for the pay I received and know there is more to come with a higher position and career.

I am thankful for my car to get me daily to and fro safe. I am warmly thankful for my health, every limb in great condition, my skin flawless, my hair strong and my shape like an hourglass.

Thank you for every arena of my life.

I am grateful for being introduced by the love of my life, he introduced to me The Secret, then the Law of Attraction, the Science of Getting Rich and The Power and now how to apply it all. I knew in my heart it was and had to be more than what I was raised on.

Thank you universal mind I adore you and respect all the laws to better me living here on earth. My heaven has been revealed in such a way that I’m just in love with it all and all it has to offer.

I’m ready! Thank you I’m in harmony with the universal mind.

Wow! I love ya!

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