Having Doubts When Implementing The Law of Attraction

by Shar
(Delhi, India)

I am very new to this, even though I have been doing it for quite a long time, without even knowing what I was doing. But now, when I am actually trying to implement the principles of the Law of Attraction, I am having so many doubts.

One of the things is that I am not sure how many times per day I should do visualize.

Sometimes when I am visualizing I feel somewhat like, even if it doesn’t happen I will be fine, but if it comes true I will be very happy.

Another thing is, I have made a detailed list of all my goals, but then I am not sure, which one to concentrate on first, I am simply jumping from one to another.

Can you please advice me what I should do

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Doubt is one of the great Law of Attraction blockers, and in your case it is a demonstration of your inability to let go.

What do I mean by Letting Go?

It is our human nature to look for solutions, certainly without it, we would not have evolved to such intelligent and creative creatures.

In our quest to find the right ways to create our desires, we often overlook ideas and inspirations, because we are bound by our preconceived ideas of what will work or not.

We therefore set goals, and try to achieve our goals based on what we think will work, rather than just going with the flow.

When you turn things over to the universe, you have to understand that the Universe, God, Cosmic Mind, or whatever you want to call it, sees things from a much bigger perspective than you ever could.

So you have to trust that the right opportunities, ideas and circumstances will come to you, at exactly the right moment.

I guess the best way to describe Letting Go, is having Faith And Belief that what you ask for, will come.

But Letting Go doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing, it means Taking Action, or better still, Taking Inspired Action, the kind of action that wild horse’s couldn’t keep you from.

If you are not Letting Go you will know, as your thoughts will tell you.

When you are not Letting Go, you will hear it in your ‘Brain Chatter’ as it is demonstrated by questions like How, Why, Where and When, that seem to uncontrollably keep popping into your head.

These little thoughts can also express themselves as doubt, criticism, impatience, anger, frustration or worry, and as much as you try to knock them down, the more and stronger they seem to pop back up.

All these uncontrollable thoughts are signs that you are not letting go, and demonstrate an understandable lack of faith and belief that you are experiencing.

Abraham-Hicks have recently referred to Letting Go, as living in The Vortex.

When you are in your Vortex, you have Let Go, and you are aligned with everything you have asked for.

When you are asking How, Why, When and Where, or feeling Doubt, Impatience or Frustration, you have not Let Go and you are outside your Vortex. You are then Not lined up with the things you have asked for.

Here’s a short video from Abraham-Hicks explaining the idea of The Vortex.

Abraham-Hicks The Vortex

In this next video from Abraham-Hicks, Abraham, through Esther Hicks talks about Letting Go as allowing, and answers a question for someone who is clearly struggling with the idea of Letting Go.

Abraham-Hicks Aligning With My Veritable Fortune

The new book from Abraham-Hicks, called The Vortex is definitely worth a read, and can be found at Amazon, or any good book retailer. The Vortex: at Amazon

It is absolutely essential that you find a way to Let Go, it is the secret to mastering the Law of Attraction, and without grasping this, you will never harness this power.

Most people, who do not have what they want, tend to spend their time thinking about, what they don’t want.

If they are in Debt.... they think about their Bills and Not Having Enough Money

If they are Alone... they think about Loneliness and Lack of Romance

If they are Sick... they think about Pain and Discomfort

And, as the Law of Attraction, gives You want You Think about Most of the Time. Most of the Time, these people attract to their lives.... More Debt, More Loneliness and More Sickness....

To stop getting the things You Don’t Want, you have to stop thinking about them, and start to think about the experiences You Do Want.

But, how can you break this cycle, and stop thinking about the things around you, and start to think about the things you want?

Quite Simple.... You learn how to control your mind.

I know that for some people the idea of controlling their thoughts, when they have worries and concerns, sounds like a bit of a mountain to climb, but it is definitely possible, and easy to do.

The secret to living your dreams is the secret to controlling your thought, and my Law of Attraction training program Unlock The Power of You gives you the method to do this!

In fact, it is through the power of thought that you will find the remedy to any and every, condition of your life.

So how often and what should you visualize?

I would recommend that you do your visualization exercise for 20 to 30 minutes daily, I would also recommend that you practise some form of meditation at least once a day. I have practised Vipassana Meditation for some time now and I am sure it will help you, take a look at the UrbanDharma.org Website for some great information, you can also download an eBook on Vipassana called Mindfulness in Plain English

I think your statement in your question demonstrates quite nicely the attitude you should adopt for your goals. When you said “Sometimes when I am visualizing I feel somewhat like, even if it doesn’t happen I will be fine, but if it comes true I will be very happy.” I know it sounds a bit wishy-washy, but it’s much easier to let go with that sort of attitude.

Many people try in desperation to reach their desires, and find it difficult to follow their inspired thought.

When it comes to attracting many goals, try as much as possible to bulk them into one visualization. For example, if you are trying to manifest a new career, financial security, romance, your dream home and your most wanted car, make the whole visualization one complete picture.

It’s not so much the images that you are attracting, it is the feelings about the images.

If you would like some help with these ideas, sign up for my Free Unlock The Power Mini-Course, you’ll discover how to combine your emotions to the things you want, making your most desired experiences manifest quickly.



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