He Is Out of My League... Guess What He is Mine!!!

by Polina

2 years ago, I used to work at this restaurant as a waitress. There was this guy used to work at the restaurant right next to mine. He was incredibly handsome, everything about him was just perfect tall, nice body, beautiful face etc. All the girls at my restaurant used to fancy him, he was like a prince who would only date with those beautiful princesses but not with frogs like us.

Whenever I glance at him , he used to be surrounded by attractive women around, always talking and laughing with them.

I fancied him a lot, every time when he walked pass me I always felt butterflies in my stomach. But never did he notice I was existed on this earth. Never ever would he ask out a simple girl like me.

So one day I found this book called "The Secret" at my local book store. After reading the book, I started manifesting my thoughts and dreams. I was thankful to the universe for giving me a joy of loving someone and also told the universe that I was thankful for the love that guy has for me. I started visualizing our times together, I even visualized that he was introducing me to his friends as his girlfriend.

A couple of weeks later, I was in a elevator at work, to my surprise at the next level the manager guy walked into the elevator. It was really strange that only two of us were in the elevator going down from the floor 4 to all the way down to the basement.

There was an awful silence and both of us remained quiet during our little trip to the basement. When the doors opened, I wanted to get out of the elevator as soon as possible as my heart was beating so hard that I couldn't stand it. I rushed out of the elevator and ran along the basement corridor leaving him behind avoiding the walk with him all the way.

What I did was so stupid that it took his attention, which he told me later.

The next day at work, he visited our restaurant to have a chat with our manager. But his intention was to check out the weird girl who couldn't walk next to him for 2 minutes that she had to run away from him.

I saw him glancing at me while talking to our manager but it was hard to believe that he would be interested in me.

After a few days of avoiding an eye contact with him every time when we walk pass, he finally made his way towards me and asked my name.

That is when it all started, we started dating and spending times together exactly like how I imagined. On that particular day he asked me to come with him to watch the football game at the pub in the center. It had been 4 months since we started seeing each other by then. On that night, I met all his friends and thanks to the law of attraction he really did introduce me to his friends as his girlfriend.

My boyfriend of two years loves me to death, and I love him too. Thank you universe!!!

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Jan 05, 2012
Wonderful story.
by: Anonymous

That's a wonderful story. I unknowingly used to apply LOA when I was in school, and these really popular girls that were definitely considered to be out of my league, became attracted to me and would start up conversations with me. I didn't know about the LOA back then, but I've learned a lot about it, and with a little bit of persistence you nothing is out of your reach. Thanks for sharing your story.

Jan 06, 2012
Great Story
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your inspirational story. I realize, after reading all these articles, that, subconciously, I believe that any man who I'm attracted to, and end up dating, will end up leaving, and they always do...which just reinforces my belief. I now know that I have to CHANGE that thought process and truly BELIEVE that I can have anything I want, as long as it's for the good of all.

All the best to you!!

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