Healing A Family Member

by Lucy

My mum was in a bad car accident when she was younger which left her with bad health in her legs, such as swollen painful legs with varicose veins. As I know of the law of attraction I have tried to get her to apply the secret, but I feel she does not apply it properly, such as acting like she has already received and visualizing regularly due to her being a busy mum.

Is it possible that I could heal her and wish for perfect healthy legs if so how would I word it to get great results?

Many thanks

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Although there are many examples of someone healing another, if the other is not in alignment to healing, it would not be possible to align healing to their reality.

In other words, she has to be in a healing vibration.

It can be very difficult to watch someone manifest a negative experience, particularly when you are aware of how that manifestation has taken place, and as you can see the remedy for this pain and suffering, it seems natural to jump in and help these people.

I have had similar instances where people I spend time with are in the vibration of attracting what they do not want, and of course, as I can see that they need to change their thought, I have in the past suggested that they think like this and feel like that, so that they can start to change their reality. But of course, it rarely works.

You have to accept that you know the Law of Attraction, and as you notice that your mother causes her pain, or should I say holds her pain in her experience, when you tell her to ‘do it this way’, the natural thing for her to do is do it her way.

This is because there is no one more right than when you’re telling them they’re wrong, and if you pull one way, they will naturally pull in the other direction.

I now make it a rule that I will always see the best of the people around me, and only make a suggestion when I am asked.

I know that this sounds harsh, but it is far better for your mum to stay where she is, than her making things worse.

Understand that you are seeing her in her pain, which you think and feel about, and then include in your vibration. You are aligning to her in pain, and although you cannot manifest a reality for her, she manifest a match to what you are aligning to, and as she is experiencing pain, you are the perfect person for her to express her pain to.

Yes you are trying to help her, but by pulling her in a direction that she is not ready to travel, you help her to dig her heals in and resist the relief that you are telling her about.

Another point to remember is that, although you may be convinced by the workings of the Law of Attraction, and you can see that as we think and feel we create a match to our thoughts and feelings, your mum might not share your conviction. She may like the idea, even go along with it, but if she is not convinced and has some doubt, what will she do if it does not work?

With any thought of
success must come the existence of failure, this is because all experiences are made up of two sides, a contrast of having and not having, liking and not liking, light and dark, or health and sickness, and if you explain to her that if she changes her thoughts she will change her experience, if you are wrong, she will be left with disappointment and despair, and to add this helplessness to an already painful experience, makes it much safer to not try.

Allow you mum to create her own reality, but try to see her in the health that you know that she desires. See her helping herself, and finding the right information at the right time to move herself forward to where you know she wants to be.

See her as the healthy angel she is, and when she talks about her pain and suffering, do not add to this way she has of thinking and feeling.

If you feel sorry for her, you will offer her no power and help her to justify to herself that she is someone that people should feel sorry for.

If you feel positivity for her, you offer her a power that she cannot grasp, helping her to justify that she is someone who can’t feel positive.

Remember that to move from sickness to health is a big jump, one that not many people could take in one movement, and this jump cannot be made in the denial of the sickness that exists.

What I mean is this, how can she act as if she has already received her good health, when the evidence of swollen, painful legs with varicose veins are there to remind her of what really is?

Carl Jung said, “what you resist, persists.” And there is no point in denying a thing, as the denial will feel like a falsehood as the thing keeps popping its ugly head up to remind you that it still exists, making you feel the thing you are resisting, more and more.

If you were to write an affirmation for your mum affirming the good health that she desires, you would probably write something like this, “I am so happy and grateful that I have received the healing that I had desired and I now have perfectly healthy legs.”

The trouble with this affirmation is that it makes the strong suggestion that she is in full health, and as her legs will no doubt remind her, she has not, this adds emphasis to the fact that she has poor health, which she affirms to herself with thought and feeling, aligning her to more poor health.

I would write an affirmation like this, “Even though I have been involved in an accident and I have been left with swollen, painful legs with varicose veins, I am grateful for the mobility I still have and I am looking forward to better health as the pain I feel starts to be less intense.”

I admit that this affirmation does not move her to full health, but it does not activate any resistance about her health, and it does help to offer her some hope of less pain, the first step towards health.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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