Healing Relationship with a Particular Person

I want your help regarding a problem which I myself am not understanding. There is this guy at my workplace, and we became really close to each other over a few months. We used to keep texting each other all day and we always cared for each other.

He is a little introvert and doesn't share his problems very easily and we were not in any committed relationship although we almost behaved like a couple and he always kept flirting with me, which I liked too...

We had reached a stage where I thought he might just confess that he loves me and I would tell him the same, but I'm not sure what has happened and he has suddenly started avoiding me... It was very sudden... And now he doesn't even talk to me, he doesn't look at me and I don't know if I have done something wrong or if there is something else in his mind that caused him to suddenly move away from me.

Right now all I need is our friendship back, I am ok with the fact that we may not be in a relationship together, and I understand that it's not wise to try using the Law of Attraction to make a relationship work here... But I, at least, need us to talk to each other... Be friends... Be normal with each other...

Without any unspoken issues I want this relationship to heal... I don't know what to do coz he just won’t talk to me.. And the more I try, the more he seems to go away..

Please help me… I can't live like this… Not knowing why he hates me… And getting avoided like this...

Just help me get us back to normalcy.. To a stage where we don't avoid each other and things are clear and we both have a decent respect and affection for each other... Awaiting your reply

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You are right to point out that you cannot use the Law of Attraction to bring someone to you, because unless the reality of coming together matched the focused thoughts of each other, it would be impossible to manifest a reality for someone as that would defy the Law of Attraction. However, it is through these Laws that relationships are born, enriched, and ultimately, either developed or pulled apart.

When you think you create, and to your thoughts are brought experiences that help you to continue to think in the way that you think.

If you think abundantly, you align to abundant conditions, but in much the same way, if you think in lack you will align to experiences that are lacking. You can’t however cause an experience of abundance for someone who thinks in lack, nor can you cause lack for someone who thinks in abundance, as your thoughts, are the causes of the effects that you shall experience, and you cannot manifest for another an experience that contradicts their way of thinking.

Of course abundance or lack are simplistic ways of explaining our thoughts, but really when you consider how you think, your thoughts, on any condition you experience, either matches an abundant way of thinking or a lacking way of thinking. That is, you either think about what you have, or what you don’t have, and each of these ways of thinking will be responded to by the Law of Attraction to bring more of what you think you have, as well as less of what you think you lack.

Of course we tend to think of these abundant or lack thoughts of positive and negative, which although we could describe them like this, positive and negative thoughts will be different for everyone, and changing negative thought can be difficult once we have defined them as negative.

To confuse this further, an abundant thought may not necessarily be a thought that you may class as positive, just as a lack thought may not align you to unwanted experiences, as thoughts of an abundance of debt will lead to more debt, just as thoughts of a lack of problems will lead you to less problems.

So what are your abundance and lacking thoughts?

In your question when you describe the relationship with this person as it was, your thoughts were of a relationship which was abundant in care, fun, flirtatiousness and friendship, and this relationship would have undoubtedly matched the way you both were thinking.

But as you grew closer you started to anticipate a change in this relationship, as you thought he may step closer, and your thoughts moved from what you had to what you lacked, his confession of love.

You changed your thoughts, and this new relationship that you were trying to create was obviously not a match to what he was thinking.

To compound this your now new thoughts were of an abundance of what was missing, as you experienced, thought about, and emotionally attached to the condition of him leaving your reality, and as your thoughts were wrapped up in what you did not have, so were your experiences.

You now state that, “right now all I need is our friendship back,” “I at least need us to talk to each other... Be friends... Be normal with each other... ” “I want this relationship to heal” and as you think of what you want and need, you think about what you lack, and in return the Law of Attraction will help you to keep thinking the same way, by aligning need and want type experiences to you.

The trouble is, I cannot offer you a way to fix your problems, as to fix a problem the problem must be defined, and by defining it will only lead to more thoughts and feelings of lack, which will undoubtedly will lead to more unwanted experiences.

You have to understand that this guy does not hold the key to your happiness, and to be happy is decision that we make as individuals. When happiness depends on conditions we do not define our lives, or own our experiences, we are simply victims of what is. Yet when we choose to be happy, regardless of what is, our happiness recreates experiences that make us feel happy.

Your job is not to attract him back, in fact, through effort you cannot attract him back, as the effort you will have to exert will ignite your lack and lead you to more wanting and needing, which in turn, does not make you an attractive force. But through a statement of being happy and a movement of thoughts to happiness, you become a far stronger attractive person.

By far the best way to shift your thoughts is through gratitude, and by defining what you experience now that you are grateful for, you will no longer notice, think about and feel about what you do not have.

Invest in a notebook and start to list all the things that you have in your life that makes you feel good, read this list every morning when you get up and every night before going to sleep, so that this list becomes second nature to you. Know what you have that makes you feel happy and every time you think a thought that lacks this happiness, read to yourself, or recite to yourself your list of happy and grateful experiences.

Remember that you cannot control his reality as his reality depends upon his thoughts, and as we cannot control the thoughts of others we cannot create their experiences.

However, your reality depends upon you, and as you choose your thoughts, you choose your experiences, and for as long as you choose and align to happiness, will it be important who is the matching source of that experience?

For now you miss the feeling you experienced with him, and it seems natural that if you bring him back, you’ll bring back this feeling. The trouble is, you do not control him, and even if you did, a ‘controlled him’ may not come back to offer you the feeling you needed to feel. But you do control your emotions, and for as long as you focused on what you feel, the Law of Attraction will align you to a reality that matches your feelings, and to choose to be happy within, while focusing on only those things that make you happy with out, then your reality shall start to reflect the happiness you have chosen to feel. And a happy person is the most attractive force there is.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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Nov 15, 2019
This article changed my perspective totally.
by: Anonymous

Wow!!!This is so powerful. I learnt so much from the reply.

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