How Can I Attract $10,000

by Marina
(St. Paul. MN, USA)

How I can earn $10,000 this year? I need to pay for my college, and I worry very much. I am an international student, and I now study in US college. My mother made a loan for the first semester, but she cannot find money for the second.

I am a first year student, and I am only 17 years old. I am working 15 hours per week on campus, and for the whole year I will get no more than $4,000.

I would like to work off-campus, where I could earn more money, but I am not allowed because I do not have an official permit to work in US and I can only apply for it next year.

I do not know what to do, but I want very much to make this money, this year.

For the Law of Attraction, there is nothing impossible, right?

But how I can do it in my situation?

Maybe you know? Any ideas?

Thank you for the help and support :>)

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

That’s right, nothing is impossible, but it isn’t the Law of Attraction that makes things work out or not, it is you.

The Law of Attraction isn’t just something that gives you everything you want, it just lines you up with the experiences you ask of it.

So, for it to be possible, you must learn to ‘Ask’ in the right way. I say right way because we are always asking, but most people tend to ask by default.

Asking can best be described as a vibration, a mood or a feeling. What you feel is what you get.

So in your case, your ‘asking’ is how you are feeling about your second year in college.

Reading your question I will have a guess at how you are feeling...

  • You feel that you need $10,000 dollars.
  • You feel that you cannot stay without the money.
  • You feel that you cannot find $10,000 dollars.
  • You feel that your fears may come true.
  • You feel that you can only earn $4,000 dollars
  • You feel that you can only work on campus

If I told you that everything you feel will come true, what would you do?

I’m pretty sure that you would want to change the way you feel, wouldn’t you? But how? OK, there is a solution.

To begin with, what do you want?

Forget the money, the how’s, where’s and why’s, what is it that you want?

To stay in college, yes?

Then live, feel and celebrate staying in college. Do it in your mind in such a way that it feels true. Forget how, forget why, and stop looking for reasons why it cannot happen.

Hold it in your head as truth, let go of any resistance to that truth, and from no way, a way will most definitely be found.

For you, there is nothing impossible, right!


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