How Can I Believe In Myself More?

I came across the law of attraction about a year ago, and since then I have manifested a lot of things that proved to me that it does indeed work. The only thing I have struggled with is my weight.

All my life I have been extremely skinny, to the point where people sometimes don't believe it is natural and I get comments about it all the time. Since I discovered the law of attraction I got excited about it and decided I could finally gain weight and look more healthy. At first it worked, in a way. I gained about 8 lbs on the scale, but it didn't show at ALL, I actually was told that I look like I LOST weight by most people.

Lately my self esteem and vibration have been extremely low. I cannot get myself to accept my body or to visualize a better body or people accepting my body more. Nothing can bring my spirits up and I have actually lost even more weight.

I have no appetite and eat only two meals a day, sometimes just one meal. I really don't know what to do to get myself out of this.

How can I bring my vibration up and start visualizing a better body? How can I get rid of these limiting beliefs that are holding me back?

Thank you for your time

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It has been a necessity to develop, automatic and self-rehearsed, subconscious behaviour patterns, they are essential for our survival, as we need to react quickly to situations that we face from day to day.

Some of these subconscious behaviour patterns work with us, while others will work against us, stopping us from achieving our goals and desires.

These negative behaviour patterns are ideas and beliefs about ourselves that are self-damaging, they are often ideas about our own personality and ability that have we have passed to our subconscious, through bad or undesirable life experiences.

Often these negative ideas and beliefs have come from descriptions given to by members of your family or peer group when you were younger, or possibly negative feedback you get from your spouse, boss, teacher, colleagues, children, parents, relatives, or others, that you take personally, and incorporate into your personal belief system.

In your question you make quite a revealing statement about your state of mind,

“I gained about 8 lbs on the scale, but it didn't show at ALL, I actually was told that I look like I LOST weight by most people.”

Read this statement a few times...

I’ll split it up a bit for you,

“I gained about 8 lbs on the scale...”

OK, so you can put on weight! But you gained it on the scale? It’s almost as if you don’t want the 8 lbs, you don’t say “I gained 8 lb”, you almost give it to the scale...

“...but it didn't show at ALL”

If you gained 8 lb, it showed! But did you want to see it?

“...I actually was told that I look like I LOST weight by most people.”

This is the negative feedback you’ve taken personally, and incorporate into your personal belief system.

The thing is, when it comes to comments from others, most people try to say what they think you want to hear, certainly when it comes to weight.

So, how do you change these negative beliefs?

By using positive affirmations.

Very simply, positive affirmations are short positive statements, designed to replace negative beliefs, with positive self-nurturing beliefs.

A positive affirmation is a sentence that you have said to yourself in determination to succeed, always starting with ‘I will’ or ‘I can’.

When you are writing positive affirmations it is important to structure each thought or statement as a ‘belief’. You must believe.

The bigger the gap between the perceived negative inner truth and the expressed positive affirmations, the more challenging, and possibly the more damaging, this exercise will be.

Therefore, start this exercise using small believable positive thoughts and statements and practise.

Repeat positive affirmations with passion and conviction and for as long as you do so, you will consistently breakdown your subconscious negative beliefs, no matter how ‘set in concrete’ they may seem.

If you are uncomfortable with positive affirmations and statements, take it down a step, listen to your emotions, far better to chip away in small steps, than fall at the foot of an ‘Everest’ of a negative, and undermine the whole process.

Similarly, if you are experiences a sense of exhilaration at an affirmation, you are responding in a way that ‘your mind knows this to be true’, it is working.

Starting this process is the first step, small steps are easier, but finishing each step is the key.

Charles Haanel tell us to “Hold in mind the condition desired and affirm it as an already existing fact”.

Take a look at the Affirmation Exercise and Tools Page, it would also be worth reading Wallace Wattles book The Science of Being Well


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No Law of Attraction
by: Anonymous

First of all there is no such thing as a LAW OF ATTRACTION. God has created a universe that conspires on our behalf. Everything that we need is ALREADY here. We came into this world with everything we need. FAITH is the power of God that dwells within us.

Now, for the sake of this discussion. I will refer to the Law of Attraction as a principle. It's actually based on Biblical philosophy and instructions from God Himself.

This principle is one that should be incorporated into your REALITY. No amount of affirming, no amount of visualizing, or no amount of anything else will manifest in your reality. Would you like to know why? Because you ALREADY have everything that you need. You just need to become aware and conscious of it.

You are who you are. The only thing that manifests into your reality is what you actually NEED. Remember, I stated that God has created a universe that conspires on our behalves. This so-called Law of Attraction is really manifesting in your life what you need to survive at any given moment.

You cannot manipulate your mind, you cannot manipulate your emotions, you cannot manipulate your actions. Why? Because God created you. You cannot manipulate God. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are PRAYERS.

My advice to you, would be to live your life as honestly as you can. Then and only then will the things that you NEED manifest in your REALITY.

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