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by Nilou

I had been in a relationship for about 3 years. Because we were close friends, from the first day we were dating we knew our plan about getting married. But because our parents were colleagues, and they had some problems with each other, we decided to date secretly till we both ready to get married.

Based on our tradition, the family of the boy should propose to the girl's family. So he started to talk with his family, and as we thought this was the first step!!!

They didn't agree and they made different excuses like our ages, and because my parents want us to be separated, in spite of my own desire, they sent me to another country to continue my education. But although we were far from each other we were still together.

After a while, because of our situation, both of us got depressed and I started to force him to talk with his parents. After a year I came back to my country to see him, but in the first days I behaved him badly, sometimes I was mad at him, some time I told him I am not sure about him, and after 2 weeks he told me, as he cannot do anything, we should not continue our relationship and then he did not answer my phone calls and even when we see each other in a place, he didn't come to talk.

I feel he will call me everyday and everything can be fixed before I leave the country but it is about a month and he didn't call, and I will only be here for one more month.

I would like to fix this before I go, especially because sometimes I feel it is kind of my fault too, and I really miss him.

I should say that both of us were very pessimistic about our parents from first days especially him, and I think it would influence our situation. Last winter I started to use the Law of Attraction and things were getting better, but then because I was so depressed, I stopped using it and now here I am.

Would you please give me some advice?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The trouble is, you never stop using the Law of Attraction, it works at all times and in every situation. The question is, will you continue to live your life, dealing with things as they come, or do you want to design the life you wish to live.

The Law of Attraction will always align your experiences depending on what you think, if your pessimistic about someone, or something, you will create the reality to justify your pessimism.

If you are sad, you will create the reality that justifies your sadness, and if you are angry, you will create the experience to justify your anger.

Whatever you think most, creates a reality to make you think that most.

This is how the Law works, it responds to your thoughts and aligns to your experience, the events, the situations and the people, that match the way you think.

You said that last winter you started to use the Law of Attraction and things were getting better, so what were you doing? And if you noticed a difference in the events in your life, go back and do it again.

It is important that you start to see some light in your life, and start to concentrate on the parts of your experience that gives you some joy, because if you continue to point your finger, at all the reasons, and all the people that make your life unbearable, you only create a more unbearable life.

You create your reality, and you have to take responsibility for your creation.

If you have an experience you do not want to have, learn to stop complaining about it.

In fact, stop complaining about it, talking about it and noticing it, because your thought on this unwanted experience, only serves to create more of it.

Learn to only talk about and notice the good stuff, as, just in the same way, your thought on these wanted experiences, will only serves to create more of them.

Tell the story of how your life shall be, and give no other thought, any room to grow.

If an experience does not fit in with your plan, do not condemn it, look for the best of it, and as you focus on the best of all your experiences, only the best of these experiences shall become your reality.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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