How Can I Manifest What I Really Desire

I cannot thank you enough for sending me these valuable tools, really amazing! I enjoy watching them all and I am having a go at getting rid of my negative thinking. Reading your emails and listening to the audios and watching the videos really inspired me.

The hardest part is getting rid of my negative thinking completely. I am trying extremely hard.

I have improved a lot for 2 days and have printed your Goal Setting Exercises. I am determined to make it work and succeed. I love to improve my standard of living very soon. I love to travel overseas and have not done that for a while now. I also love helping others, giving donations, charities and sending money occasionally to my starving relatives overseas.

John, please tell me how can I manifest what I really desire when I am not working anymore. I stopped worked after over 50 years old due to back problem 10 years ago. I am a nurse/midwife and lifting patients for many years left me with a problem back. Went back for 3 months 4 years ago and can no longer cope. I have 5 places that I collect rent, but not enough as I am still paying the interest every month. I am buying lottery tickets and hope to win very soon. Been doing it for many years.

What I do at the moment is writing articles for my son's blogs. We have few dollars in AdSense, I think $60.00 + dollars for over 3 months, but we have more expenses than what we receive. We also have an Ebay store selling football boots. We sell an average of 1-4 a week. I asked him to may be quit, but he’s not willing to do it.

He is very desperate to get out of his job as a P.E teacher. He loves his job unfortunately kids are cruel at times and sometimes parents are not happy of how he runs the sports. He gives lots of his time teaching kids to play better football and cricket.

John, do I have a chance fulfilling my dreams at the age of 63 even though I have no job?

I would love to help others whenever possible.

Thank you very much and I would appreciate anything that you can help me with to motivate me more. Your Valuable emails and Tools are much appreciated!

I am very thankful and grateful. You truly Are a wonderful person.

I am going to give over a hundred % and I know I am going to succeed.

Thank you very much,

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

One of the hardest things to do is to control your negative thought, but this is the one of the most essential steps to master the Law of Attraction.

Here’s a quick three-step process to try and help you out.

Step 1

Write down all the things that you are not happy with in your life, whether it’s money issues, health issues or emotional issues.

All the things that you think about talk about or complain about.

Step 2

Rewrite all these things down again turning them 180 degrees, so they are now all the things you have, not want, but have.

Something like, “I am so grateful that I now have __________________ in my life.”

Or, “I am so grateful that I now intend to attract _________________ to my life”

And whenever you catch yourself talking or thinking about unwanted circumstances, use your turnaround statement to cancel out your negative thoughts.

Step 3

Spend 10 minutes each morning and visualize your life now that you have these things in you life, get into the emotion of having it now, and really make your visualization as vivid and clear as possible.

Some other tools;

If you are experiencing negative emotion towards other people, try this book called Free Your Unconscious Pain, just click on the link to open it up in a PDF eBook,

EFT is another fantastic way of dealing with negative issues, my favourite EFT site is called The Tapping Solution Website.

On the note about your online marketing efforts, it reminds me a bit on how I started on eBay, before building this site.

I tried for a few years with an eBay business, and then websites, and didn’t have much luck.

Those sites were consigned to the trash as soon as I learnt how to do it properly, the SBI way.

Take the SBI video Tour I have posted on my site, it will give you a lot more information.

I also write a little about SBI on my site, and if you scroll down the page you’ll see a link for the SBI Case Studies, this page will give you more of an idea about how people make money with their sites, and what sort of niches they write about.

I hope I have helped a little, and anything else you need, please email me at;


Finally, A Step-by-Step System To Master The Law of Attraction
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