How Do I Find Out What I Want?

by Joe

I'm writing because there was on option for questions on your web page. I really don't know what to believe anymore. I've been watching 'the Secret' and reading Haanel's Master Key System. But still don't know what to believe.

I think I missed the boat on ever being really successful. I don't know what I want. I was in ROTC as a kid and all my fantasies centered around being this great military leader. I wanted to conquer the world and I really believed I had it in me to rule the world.

But due to some medical restrictions, a military career was impossible. I gave up since I saw I had nowhere to go, nothing else I wanted. And I became a heroin addict.

Everyone around me died including my partner, and then I developed an unexplained illness on top of existing medical conditions. I had been clean for a while at this time, but then started drinking a heavy amount. Finally last year, I took control of myself and am now recovering from alcoholism and illness. Rapidly recovering. I am now clean and sober.

I'm starting to believe in myself again, but I have never had a career. I have been a junkie all of my adult life. And now at the age of 30, I am a full time student working on a bachelor's in business.

But I still have no direction or passion other than the wish to 'make something of myself'. I feel that I've already made too many mistakes and missed the boat.

The only real passion I have is writing but I also have a need to work with people and the two don't really go together. Nor do I see writing making me successful. It's to tough a business to break into and I want to make money, I want to succeed, not be a starving artist.

How do I figure out what I want at this late stage in the game? Especially since my initial dream was crushed?

Thanks for your time reading if you have. I feel as if I'm writing into thin air here but you seem like the real deal.


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your question.

To begin with I am going to pick up on two seemingly small words in your question, which I have to say, is impelling in the way it is written.

These words, all to often, are the things we search for after watching a film like The Secret.

We see these wise teachers sharing their collective wisdom, and only wish for an ounce of their “direction and passion,” to achieve just an ounce of the success, that they have.

“Direction and Passion,” if only I knew my direction and my passion, I could then to, begin to create my success in the way these others have.

But is it really “direction and passion,” that changed their fortune?

Let’s look at a handful of The Secret Teachers, to discover their direction and passion.

Joe Vitali

Joe Vitali had been swindled out of his savings and spent six months homeless sleeping in doorways in Dallas, eventually finding work in Houston and spending years in virtual poverty.

It was then that Joe started learning about the Law of Attraction, and a few years later he had published his first book, "Zen and the Art of Writing." He learned marketing while publicizing that book, and things took off from there.

Bob Proctor

Born in a little town in Northern Ontario, Canada with the low self-esteem that often befalls a family's middle child, Bob performed poorly in school, dropped out and did a hitch in the navy.

Afterward he drifted from one dead-end job to another until a friend introduced Bob to the concept of self-development through Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich.

With the spark generated by Hill's words, Proctor found the initiative to start an office cleaning business, which he grew to international scope in his first year of operation.

From that experience, after seeing what he had been able to accomplish with just a rudimentary knowledge of personal motivation and goal setting - he hungered for more information.

Bob Doyle

In 2002, Bob Doyle was in his fourth year of a corporate job, which
he absolutely hated. Being desperately miserable in employment and knowing many others were feeling the same Bob, with no financial safety, quit his job and moved into a career in personal development.

The result of not knowing how to practise The Law of Attraction had disastrous financial consequences and the day came that he just gave up trying, and in essence asked the Universe for direction.

Through an amazing series of seemingly unrelated situations, Bob Doyle attracted the information that changed his life forever, and once he began understanding the Law of Attraction and wealth consciousness, he began living these principles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is not “direction and passion,” that put any of these teachers on their course to success, it was the decision to change their lives and their circumstances.

It is this decision making process which, as you are aware, can change everything about our experience.

You are an inspiration when it comes to decision making.....

It was you who decided to break your addiction to heroin, it was you who decided to break your addiction to alcohol, it is you who acts upon your decisions and finds the success you need.

Do not think of your life as one of bad choices and mistakes, and close the book on all you have to offer the world. You succeeded, you broke free from the chains that held you, you made a decision to free yourself, and make something of your life, don’t stop now.

For Bob Proctor, it was the book Think and Grow Rich, which was the turning point in his life.

This classic book, by Napoleon Hill, outlines the thirteen principles of success, which are;

Desire, Faith, Auto-Suggestion, Specialized Knowledge, Imagination, Organised Planning, Decision, Persistence, The Master Mind, Transmutation, The Subconscious Mind, The Brain and The Sixth Sense.

To succeed at anything, you certainly need to complete the first ten steps, as indeed, you did to succeed to break free from your addictions.

You had the desire to take a step forward.

You had the faith that you could succeed.

You used auto-suggestion to tell yourself to keep going.

You used specialized knowledge to assist your efforts.

You imagined a life without heroin.

You planned and organised your treatment.

You decided to free yourself from your nightmare.

You persisted, even when you fell.

And you used a support group, or mastermind to help pull you through.

You see, you are success, you know the steps you need to take, and unlike many people who feel they lack direction and passion, you’ve put these steps into action and had some major success.

Look at where you have come from, and who you are today, take a leaf out of your own book, and decide, once again, to make some giant step forward, you’ve already proved that you can do it.

I know that it would be impossible to give you direction in careers or opportunities, however, you say you have a passion for writing, and reading your question, and feeling the message behind it, I would say you have a gift of words.

I also understand your thoughts on making a career out of writing.

But I do have one question......

Have you ever thought of building your own website, and sharing some of your experiences?

It might be something worth looking at.

I have built my site with a company called SBI, they are a fantastic organisation who help people, with little or no web building experience, put sites together, in the right way. Have a look at the SBI Case Studies to see what it’s all about.

And, just as a footnote, to hopefully bring a smile to your face......

Did you know that Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds did not sell his first hamburger until he was in his fifties? Did you know that Charles Darwin did not publish his first book until he was almost 50? Did you know that Colonel Sanders did not franchise the first KFC until he was in his sixties?

Missed the boat Joe, I don’t think so..........

I think it’s still on the dock waiting for you.


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Dive In
by: Lynne

Dear Joe,
Wow! Your story is one of the most inspiring pieces of literature I've ever read. It reminds me of a book that was very controversial because of the fact it was embellished by the author, but based on his true life story. It was called "A Million Little Pieces" Have you read this? The author admitted to adding detail for drama but the basis was still factual.

So, if you enjoy writing, and you feel compelled to do something that is rewarding, why not take a chance and go for it?! Joe, you have something to offer to the world and with commitment like yours, there is no reason why you can't achieve both financial success and give something back as well, which is what we are here for.

Many times we become too wrapped up in finding our purpose and forget to just be. When you quiet your thoughts and listen to your inner voice, the mere action of inaction can release you from the stress of searching.

I am 52 and I just this year started a business as a portrait artist. I struggled with who I was and what my purpose could be for many years. At first I thought I wanted to be a writer, just like you. So I wrote a children's book and even looked into having it published.

At that time I was working full time and raising kids so I just wasn't ready to commit to being a full-time author. I felt that I needed to continue the path I was on so I dropped the idea. Then a few years later, I wanted to be a singer and songwriter.

Once again I felt as though it just wasn't right. Then about five years ago, I started drawing portraits. This felt good but I still wasn't sure I could jump off the cliff with it, so I waited. The timing was never right until somehow, someway something just clicked. I read The Secret, like you, except it was the book version, and said that's it. I know what I want to do.

At this moment, my business, only a few months old has taken on a life. I made it happen. Passion is great if you have it, but nothing replaces commitment and desire.

Direction is already present because you wrote to this site for help. Now, what are you going to do with the wisdom you already have? It's up to you.

Dive in, Joe..the water's lovely!!

And Joe, thank you for your question. Lately, I've been feeling a little scared about my own direction (it happens to everyone) and you have inspired me to let that fear go. Now I can move ahead.

Good luck, but you won't need it!

Such a beautiful answer, thank you!!
by: Anonymous

This is to John (and Joe who is so much like myself...)

John, I just wanted to tell you from reading your pages here - I'm growing in a matter of minutes, hours and days.

I don't know you or what your successes have been but one thing is sure, you have a genuine 'love' for other people and it shows. I am grateful for finding your site.

Joe, I'm in my 40's and have never completed or finished anything. My self-esteem has been low for an entire lifetime. My drug of A dysfunctional family background that includes alcoholism and the chronic state of anxiety and avoidance has been my daily experience.

When I was a child I was initiated into a life of pain, fear and humiliation but still I had hopes and dreams and when I look back, recognize a 'certain vibration' that brought me comfort and the desire that ONE DAY I should know beauty, love, happiness and success.

My adult days came and slowly with every defeat my hopes and dreams dashed until they completely faded. I've had NO confidence in my ability to change or to find success and have always believed OTHERS were better, smarter and more gifted than I. Furthermore, it seems when I did try to venture out and gather my confidence I was knocked back by people who either weren't interested in helping me succeed, people who didn';t share my passion and had the inner belief that I didn't have enough blue blood, money or credential to be taken seriously in any event.

I began a downward spiral that has hurt my health and ruined my once beautiful looks; which were the only thing "i thought" I had going for me.

Now, I'm on my way back. To what I'm unsure except to say, I INTEND at this moment to understand and to have more clarity. My life has been a mess in every area and I still struggle with poor self concepts but having found the LOA, have more energy to carry on. I also recognize that the LOA has been working in my life when I least understood it but every good thing that has happened did so because God was in the midst of it.

Best of everything to us both,


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