How Does It Feel To Have A Stroke

by John Peace

I love this film of Jill Bolte Taylor presentation on how it feels to have a stroke.

Jill is a Neuroanatomist, and made a career of brain study, primarily through the brain disorder of Schizophrenia her brother suffered from.

But on the morning of December 10th 1996, Jill woke up to discover that she had a brain disorder of her own, and as her experience unfolded, she got to witness what is like to have a stroke.

A fascinating experience for a brain doctor, if she could survive it, and if so, would she ever make any sense of it?

Jill Bolte Taylor experience is eye opening, inspiring and motivational, and for anyone studying the Law of Attraction, extremely revealing.

How it feels to have a stroke?

Just click on the play button below, you’ll be amazed…

How Does It Feel To Have A Stroke

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