How Does The Law of Attraction Work In This Situation

There is a girl living in Russia and a guy living in Germany. The Russian girl sees this guy in a photo and is very interested in him. But there's a problem- he already has a girlfriend. But she really really likes him. What is she to do? She is willing to travel to Germany to meet the guy.

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When we are deliberately applying the Law of Attraction, it is often put into a three-step process. Which is to Ask, Believe and Receive.

The first step is really a done deal, as we pretty much know what we want, and as long as we know, the Universe will know.

But there is some confusion in the first ‘Asking’ step.

Asking does not mean visualizing, it does not mean getting a clear picture in your head of what you want, but it does mean getting clear about the experiences you want.

I say experiences because the Law of Attraction brings us experiences. It does not bring us the specific people we desire, but it does align us to the people who will provide the best match to our specific desired experiences.

The next step, Believing, is a far more important step.

Believing means aligning to your desires vibrationally. It means possessing the thoughts and feelings as if this desired experience exists now.

The Law of Attraction always matches on a vibrational level, which is why it is so important to match the vibration of having your desires now.

This is where visualization becomes helpful, as when you visualize your desired experiences, it is easier to get into the thought and emotion of ‘having it now’.

But it would be a mistake to only align with your ‘having it now’ vibration when you visualize, as the Law of Attraction will align to your predominate thoughts and feelings.

So the idea of visualization is not to see your desires, but to feel your desires, and then to take that feeling of ‘having these things now’ into your day, as if they already existed.

A good way to think of the Believing step would be this….

If your desired experience was to be financial secure, and live in a particular type of house, in a happy, romantic and loving relationship. And you were able to jump into a time machine, and look at your life one year from now, and when you did, you could see that you were financial secure, and lived this particular type of house, in a happy, romantic and loving relationship. How would you feel when you went back to your now experience?

Excited, relaxed, inspired, happy, prosperous, care free, anticipated, eager, successful, etc etc…

Well, whatever feelings you think you would have, should be the feelings you should have now.

So much so, that you could say to your friends, this time next year I shall be financial secure, and live in a particular type of house, in a happy, romantic and loving relationship.

And if they saw you again soon and asked you, “when this was going to happen?”

You could say… “Any day soon, I have no worries about this happening, and I know that any day soon, I shall be living the life of my desires.”

Receiving is the final step, and it is now that you take the opportunities that are put before you.

Once you have aligned to your desires vibrationally, and once you believe that your desires are just here, even before you see the evidence of them, now is the time to take action.

But this not just any action, not hopeful action or possibly action. This is not maybe action, this is inspired action, the sort of action that wild horses couldn’t keep you from.

So, to try to answer your question, I would ask you these questions…

Do you know your desires, and have you been clear about what it is you want?

Have aligned to your desires vibrationally, so much so that you believe you shall receive, before you even see the evidence of it?

And, after aligned to your desires, is this the inspired action that you are driven to take?

If you have done your ‘Asking’ and ‘Believing’, and you have an irresistible urge to do this, then go for it. If not, think about what you have been aligning to, what your true predominant thoughts and feelings have been, as without doubt, this is what this relationship will bring.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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