How Perfect Should I Be?

by ed

I am sick and tired of being told what I am doing WRONG when it comes to visualization and expecting!! Nobody is 100% perfect when doing this, so am I to believe that you have to do these techniques in such a straight and precise way, without being rewarded at least for effort?

If I wanted a certain type of woman to date, with the LOA, I should somehow run into or meet women who fit that description more often. If I am not meeting them at all, does that say that I CAN'T visualize?

I believe that as long as you believe in just the theory and purpose of this law, it is exciting enough just knowing that everything you envision, AS IF IT WERE HERE, you should get it faster or at least, every now and then.

Those who come into money or win lotteries call it "luck", but you never hear them say that they DELIBERATELY attracted it.

We who practice and apply these techniques DAILY still struggle. Why?

When you 'deliberately ' do something, aren't you more in the driver's seat?

If we met or experienced what we have been visualizing in SOME form, then I can feel that this is working nicely and I will tweak what I have to, but at least I know and feel good about the way this technique works.

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Oct 28, 2009
by: jenny

Very true. I agree with you. Often times I hear and see people who get what they ask for, and when asked they will say that they were destined to that or its luck.

Never once they say they attracted it or anything.

And I don?t understand when they say that you will only get what you are destined for. Which means, if God thinks you should get it then you would, if not then you wont.

Isn?t this going against the Law of Attraction?

Doesn?t the Law of Attraction mean we design and sculpt our own life as we wish even if we are asking for something we deserve or not?? I?m confused.

Jan 06, 2012
Detach from the outcome
by: Anonymous

I have to say I have been where you are. I too, struggle with certain goals, and I believe it is because we want it SO bad, that we can't let go. And, I think, that is the catch, or we aren't patient enough for the Universe to bring it in it's time. We have to let go, detach and that is the thing. I want to find a certain type of man too, and I've been told I am TOO specific, to just let the Universe bring what it wants and be grateful. But, like you, I want a specific type of man. The thing is to visualize, give it attention, and then let it go. Subconciously, I can tell you are frustrated about it not coming soon enough and that is causing a block. Do some clearing exercises, and have faith. It is apparent that the LOA works, so don't give up. I've had certain goals that I've attained with the LOA but that is because, I believe, that I wasn't really ATTACHED to the outcome, I wasn't that invested. With my goal of finding a man, I can't let it go. So, I'm going to try visualizing and giving it attention and then turn to something else and let it go. Hope it works for you!

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