How To Attract Liberal People To My Life

by Natália

I’ve read about the Law of Attraction and I have to say it does make a lot of sense - I mean people’s thoughts usually attract to their lives whatever they’re thinking about – that’s happened to me several times, actually (such as hearing a song I'm thinking about in the most unusual places; attracting by chance creative people to assist me with my artwork or English/Irish speaking friends to help me learn other languages – it’s just awesome, especially when I’m studying, they just come out of a sudden to talk to me). Anyway I’m afraid I might be really bad at solving my problems with the Law of Attraction (especially in what comes to troublesome relationships) so I’d like to learn how to attract liberal people to my life. Here's the story:

I've recently found out I’m surrounded by stubborn, possessive, over-protecting people. I’m not saying I can’t use positive adjectives to describe them, even because it’s my friends and family I'm talking about. Although they’re often nice and funny friends/family, their over protection annoys me. A lot. (I’m not sure why it happens, whether people see a “lonely girl who can’t deal with life herself” when they look at me or whatever, but it doesn’t matter, does it?)

My ex boyfriend, for example, was always there to help me in every situation and used to be always kind to me, despite the fact (I’ve found out last year) he’d tried to keep me away from my friends by spreading bad things about me which were rather untrue; my mom still tries to do quite the same by talking them down one way or another. She’s even voiced her thoughts someday when she confessed to be jealous of my friends because I spend way too much time talking to them (?) either online or on the phone.

I’m not claiming I’m always right, but in fact I do spend time with my family and I’m always there to help them whenever and wherever they need, so her excuses are just pointless. I think she wants me to be only hers (as much as my ex wanted me to be only his, and yeah, guessed right, they just hated one another). I won’t mention other relatives who use to do quite the same despite my attempts to tell them I don’t need to be looked after as if I were a teenager - coz I aim to go strict to the point (…) I love all of them but I just can’t stand such a behaviour anymore! – well, actually I need to, we live together after all – but I’d like to learn how not to attract more stubborn possessive people because I’m afraid if so I might go crazy!

I’m thankful in advance for your attention.
Best regards,

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I am pleased that you can see the evidence of the Law of Attraction, when it comes to the alignment of the things you want. But you have to understand that the Law of Attraction is not in the business of aligning ‘wanted’ things, it is in the business of aligning all things, wanted or unwanted.

It works by piecing together a cooperative reality with circumstances, events and people, all aligned to your experience as a match to your most predominant thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

When you think a repeated thought, this thought becomes a predominant thought, even a belief, and is often wrapped in feelings. The Law of Attraction will then align you to a cooperative reality, to
match your predominant thoughts and beliefs, in a way that makes you continue to think and feel the way you have been.

This becomes easy to see when you think about someone obsessing about debt.

When someone is in debt it would be easy to understand that their biggest ‘want’ would be to have more money. But because they repeatedly think about debt, their thoughts about debt become predominant thoughts, even a beliefs, and these beliefs are often wrapped in emotions of lack of money.

The Law of Attraction responds to this way of thinking and aligns these people to a cooperative reality, to match their predominant thoughts and beliefs about debt, in a way that makes them continue to think and feel a lack of money.

I have used the word a cooperative reality to describe the circumstances, events and people in our experience, and this is an important part of the manifesting process.

By a cooperative reality, I mean a reality that not only aligns with your thoughts, but also aligns to the circumstances, events and people that share your experience.

It is an important part of the manifesting process because as you think and feel something about someone, you set in motion a powerful attraction that this someone can either cooperate with, or un-cooperate with.

In other words, if you believe someone to be non-liberal, they can either manifest in your reality as a cooperating non-liberal person to you, or simply not be part of the experience.

Henry Ford said something quite profound about thoughts and beliefs, which could be applied to many situations. He said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right.”

You could even apply it to your situation…..

“Whether you think they are liberal or not, either way you are right.”

“Whether you think you are surrounded by stubborn, possessive, over-protecting people or not, either way you are right.”

“Whether you think their over protection annoys you or not, either way you are right.”

It’s interesting that you entitle your question, How To Attract Liberal People To My Life, and quite eye opening when you read the definition of the word liberal…

favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression.

open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.

Perhaps if you allowed these people to have the freedom of their personal belief, and became more open-minded and tolerant towards them, they would stop reflecting back to you, what you most firmly believe of them.

So how do you attract liberal people to your life?

Well to begin with you stop noticing that the people that are in your life now, are not liberal.

Offer this unwanted experience no thought, no attention, no energy and no feeling, and without these things, you cut the experience off at the source.

Instead offer your thought, attention, energy and feelings to what you like about these people, and help them to be part of your experience of the best of them.

Help them to cooperate with you in the manifestation of what you want to see, instead of being the cooperating part of what you most dislike.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Thank you
by: Theuns

Hi There

Thanks for your post

I love the LOA but most people dont know how it works we need more people out there to explain to poeple how it works.


by: Anonymous

How do I attract a better outcome for my sitatuion of my parents retirment because my parents were born after the *Baby Boom* era and won't get much out of retirement even though they worked their butts off.

I am not working because of certain disabilities and no transportation which at least the latter situation is solved due to drivers license and am going to volunteer this winter to get job experience.

I have done volunteer several times in my life so I am not knew to that and I am almost done with my GED with one thing left to go but the government is doing it's damn best to discourage me from bothering and I wonder if I should just put it on hold.

We've had to move a lot due to situations out of our control and had a lot of health issues every time Dad saved money. We could never go more then 3 months till we had to dip into the emergency funds.

I won't explain anymore as I do not want to be made fun of and bore people since I attract disappointments like a built-in magnet and have been screwed a lot with people who are superfical and want too much of my energy.

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