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My personal life related to love is getting faded away. I want to marry and settle with the person I love, we are in love with each other. How do I succeed in doing so?

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Quite simply, change your focus...

By stating or believing that your, “personal life related to love is getting faded away,” I am sure that the Law of Attraction will be lining that up for you.

People all to often look at their lives and state the things they are most unhappy with.

You’ve heard people saying things like....
I don’t have enough money...

I’m unlucky in love...

Things never go my way...

The trouble with the Law of Attraction, is that not only will it give you everything you want, it will just as readily, give you everything you don’t want to.

The Law of Attraction does not pass judgement on how you think, and when your thoughts are about your relationships ‘fading away,’ it lines you up to receive.

The Law of Attraction does not analyse your thoughts to workout what you really mean, it just matches your experience to your vibration.

Why does the Law of Attraction work this way?

To put it simply, if you are thinking about it, focusing on it and vibrating it, it’s fair to say that you must want to experience it.

You see the Law of Attraction is just Law, it just is, and it does exactly as you direct it.

The trick is to work with it, to use it and apply it, and by doing so, you’ll experience exactly what you want to experience.

If You Want Love, Focus on Love

If You Want Romance, Focus on Romance

If You Want Companionship, Focus on Companionship

If You Want Marriage, Focus on Marriage

And when you look at your life from the position of the new today, stop noticing what you haven’t had yet, and start noticing all the little miracles that are taking place, and see how your life is becoming exactly what you are focusing on.

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