How To Remain Positive

by Vikram Ojha
(Calcutta India)

What exactly should we do when we are surrounded by sudden problems, and we cannot emit positive thoughts at that particular time.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction always brings to your reality, circumstances that match the way you predominately think and feel.

It is our thoughts and feelings that I refer to as ‘your vibration’, and everything you experience in your reality will be a match to your vibration.

The important thing to note here, is that your reality shall always be a match to your predominant vibration, and as a predominant vibration is made up of your predominate thoughts and feelings, I wouldn’t get to hung up on the odd negative thought entering your mind.

However, it is always good to be aware of your vibration, and if you become aware of negative situations around you, which make it difficult for you to remain positive, it is important not to let these negative feelings dominate your vibration.

But it is also important to understand what these negative situations are, and how they help you define the things you want.

We live an experience of contrast, and within this contrast we will experience things we want, as well as things we do not want. When we experience the things we want, it is simple to define these things, in much the same way, when we experience the things we don’t want, it also enables us to clarify the things we do want.

So it is important to use unwanted experiences to define wanted experiences.

This is how I would do this….

When I experienced an unwanted reality, I would take some time to write down how this experience has made me feel. This will give me some measure of my vibration.

Once I had written down how I feel, I would then write down what this unwanted experience had caused me to want. I would then align my feelings to that wanted reality, as if it had already happened.

I would also repeat statements of my feelings once my desires have been met. Something like, “Won’t it be nice when my desired of _____________ has been met, and I am feeling __________.”

I would then go about my day, and if the thoughts of this negative experience popped into my head, I would simply take some time to think of the desire this experience has caused me to think, I would think of the emotion of achieving this desire, and I would repeat my ‘won’t it be nice…’ statements.

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