How To Shift Thoughts From Negative To Positive

by Ryan & Andrea
(Vancouver, Canada)

My wife and I are living on one salary right now, paycheck to paycheck, with some debt. The last couple of months we barely have had enough money just for essential things like food. We have been practicing the Law of Attraction, however say when we go to the grocery store to buy food and we actually don't even have the money to pay for it, the thoughts of "we don't have enough money" or "we can't afford this" always comes up.

How can we shift this way of thinking from negative when the reality is that we don't have enough money to pay for groceries or other things we need?

Also, we know that when we want something we should think about it as we already have it and we have no problem visualizing and dreaming about the things we want but we struggle with having that true inner feeling of "we actually have it" when reality is telling us we actually don't have it. For example I sit everyday and visualize about having an Audi TT, however when I go to the garage and don’t see the Audi TT there, it kills the positive thoughts and dreams.

We would really appreciate your help.

Thank you :)

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Although visualization is a fantastic tool for applying the Law of Attraction, it is not necessarily the best tool to use at all times.

Indeed, you point out one of the weaknesses with visualization, that is, you visualize your desires, and as you notice the lack of their manifestation, you reinforce the thoughts of what it is you do not have.

When you are faced with a reality which is generally unwanted, and you then focus on what you want, all you are actually doing is defining the gap between where you are, and where you would like to be. And if that gaps feels bad, the Law of Attraction aligns a reality that reinforces that gap, so that you can continue to feel the way you do.

In my opinion visualization is not always the answer, and when you are faced with circumstances that feel nothing like what you want to experience, your visualizations only serve to reinforce what is missing.

You can see this pattern as you focus your visualizations on your Audi TT, then as you notice the lack of this manifestation, and you are forced to deal with the circumstances of not enough money, the lack somehow feel worse.

You are in fact, attracting more situations and circumstances of not enough, by trying to manifest something that you may desire, but really believe, at this moment, you can’t afford.

It’s not that I’m saying that you can’t have an Audi TT, but wouldn’t it feel much easier, and be much more believable to yourself, if you focused on a simple thing like affording the groceries?

Perhaps small simple steps would be far more achievable to your belief system, than a massive step from not enough, to plenty.

In the situation you find yourself at the moment it would be far better for you to focus on the positive stuff you have now, rather than to try completely change your reality.

If you accept that the Law of Attraction works, you must accept that you create your reality, and if you do create your reality, the reality that you experience now, must be a reality that you have created.

I know that this is not an easy thing for a lot of people to take accept, after all, there are always many outside circumstances and events that cause financial lack.

But this is exactly how the Law of Attraction works.

You think in a certain way, and the Law of Attraction aligns circumstances and events to your reality so that you can continue to think in the way you have been thinking.

It is by focusing on the positive things you have now that you will switch your attention from what it is you don’t have, to what it is you do have, and as you focus more of your attention on what it is you do have, you align circumstances and events to bring you more of these experiences.

I would suggest that you list the best of your now experiences, and focus your thought and attention to these best of now things, and as you do, you will start to feel better about now.

Spend some time, each day, focusing on the things you have now, that makes you feel good, and as a thought or feeling enters you mind that contradicts these good feelings, try, as best you can, to refocus on what feels good now.

This will not be an easy exercise to begin with, but in time, and with practise, the more your predominant thoughts are thinking about the good experiences, the more good experiences you become aligned to, and in yet more time, the thoughts of lack and not enough will lose their grip, as will the reality that goes with them.
If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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Oct 19, 2010
Do u mean..
by: Anonymous

So, do you mean that in situations like these one should [stop] using visualization and [instead] start with the list of positives?

Should visualization be incorporated later?

If yes, when?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

It?s not that there is a right or wrong way to do this. But in my opinion visualizations can be counter productive, especially when you notice the lack of what you want so much.

This of course doesn?t mean that there is no good time to visualize, but perhaps it would be better to visualize from a reality that doesn?t go so against the reality you want to see.

My suggestion would be to do this in smaller steps.

Focus on what?s good now, until there is more good now stuff to focus on. Then focus on the more good now stuff you have, until yet again there is even more good now stuff to focus on.

When your reality is in a place where the manifestation of new things is not such a want or need, more of a ?wouldn?t it be nice?, maybe start to use visualizations.

Instead of visualizations, it maybe more productive to use meditation, as through meditation you gain far more control over your thoughts.

I have practised Vipassana Meditation for some time now and I am sure it will help you, take a look at the Website for some great information, you can also download an eBook on Vipassana called Mindfulness in Plain English

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below?

John Peace

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