How To Use The Law of Attraction In Academic Fields

by Mayank Kumar Pant

Pictures of National Defence Academy,INDIA

Pictures of National Defence Academy,INDIA

I want to join National Defense Academy of India in which I want to get air force as my career for that I have to clear one entrance exam and an interview procedure and a medical exam of fitness.

Please advice me how to use law of attraction in this case..!!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Applying the Law of Attraction in this case follows a simple three-step process.

The first is to ask, and as you have decided what you want, you have already completed this step, but this can be reinforced by some goal setting and visualization.

When goal setting it is important to write your goal as if the desire had already been reached, not as a desire that is ahead of you.

For example, as you wish to join the National Defense Academy of India air force, avoid writing your goal like this, “I want to join the National Defense Academy of India air force”. This is because this goal has already been reached. You have already reached a reality in which you ‘want’ to join the National Defence Academy, and to continue in this reality would align you to a reality in which you have not joined the academy.

Instead write your goal as if it had already been achieved, “I continue to be proud, elated and excited, having joined the National Defense Academy of India air force.”

It would also be a good idea to back this up with a detailed visualization, and to do this, try to identify the feelings you will have once you have successfully joined the academy.

How will you feel? Will you feel pride, a sense of achievement, excitement, etc etc.

Then when you visualize yourself at the academy, get into the feeling of having this experience now.

If you feel like the interview and exam are big obstacles to achieving this goal, include them in your visualization. See yourself studying for the exam with ease, turning up and completing the exam with confidence as the knowledge you’d studied flows to your mind. Visualize a successful interview as you answered each question perfectly. Then see yourself opening the notification letter telling you that you have been accepted, and most importantly, feel these things as if they were happening now.

The next step is to believe, or let go. This is where you release the feelings
like when, where, how, why, worry and fear. If you are feeling worried about successfully passing your exam, you are aligning to not passing your exam, as to worry about a thing would mean that you were in nervous anticipation of a thing, and if you were in anticipation of a thing, then that thing must not have happened, In other words, worrying does not lead you to passing.

A good way to let go would be to use your goal and visualization exercise to create an intention affirmation to turn off any negative thoughts you might get. Then as soon as you catch yourself thinking and feeling in a way that did not represent joining the academy, it would be a good idea to acknowledge the feeling, and then repeat your intention affirmation.

If you worried about the exam, repeat something like this…. “Even though I occasionally worry about passing the entrance exam, I know I am exactly where I need to be, and I will have all the knowledge I need to successfully pass the entrance exam and be a part of the National Defense Academy.”

Or you felt nervous about the interview, repeat something like this…. “Even though I occasionally feel nervous about what I’ll be asked in the interview I know that I am on track to impress them all and they will be keen to offer me a position in the National Defense Academy.”

The final step is receiving, which although it sounds easy, is often misunderstood. Receiving is the action part of the process, the part where you take action. The trouble is that as most people spend their life in action, it is very difficult to differentiate between action taken from a position of desperation and action from a position of inspiration.

This is where you need to start to trust your feelings, and as you begin to feel what needs to be done, take action on instinct, not to get it done.

You may find that some form of meditation might help you with this. Vipassana Meditation is easy to learn, but any form of meditation will certainly help.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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by: Mayank Kumar Pant

I am so happy that i cannot describe it in words...
I appreciate your hard work that you took your time to read my question and answer it so wonderfully

I thank you a lot for your great answer !!! :D

i will surely follow your steps...!!
thanks once again..... :D

Spot on answers!
by: Anonymous

This is the exact advice I was looking for!!! Your site is absolutely phenomenal, right to the point!! Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with the rest of the world!

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