How To Use The Law of Attraction To Find Love

by Rose Brown

I'm 22 years old and I read the book "The Secret" when I was 19. I've been doing the exercises, but it never works for me. I write down all the qualities I want in a mate, I visualize what I want in a perspective mate and it’s just not working.

Do you have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

I'm a shy but loving individual. I really want to find someone, and I've never been in a serious relationship :(

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Secret has done a fantastic job of getting the message about the Law of Attraction across, but unfortunately, the methods they suggest, although powerful, will not suit everybody.

In your case, you know what you want, you follow some simple visualizations to state what you want, you notice you do not have what you want, you then know what you want more, and you try harder and harder to state your wants.

So why is it not working?

Well it is, but you are not really understanding what it is you are doing.

The Law of Attraction aligns to our reality a match to the vibration we carry. By vibration I mean the predominate way of thinking we have, that is the things we think and feel about most.

When I read your question, I can pick up that you predominantly think and feel that you want to find love, and I also feel the frustration that you cannot attract the reality you want to experience.

Now as the Law of Attraction matches our experiences to our vibration, it would be impossible for you to experience a different reality other than the one you are experiencing now.

To understand this, try to identify your thoughts and feelings from the perspective of having your desired reality now.

What would you be thinking about, and feeling, if you were experiencing this true love now?

I would think that your predominant thoughts would be of happiness, contentness, love and romance. And if they were, as this was your predominant way of thinking, your vibration, the Law of Attraction would align you to more experiences that made you feel happier, more contented, more loving and more romantic.

If you were living the experience of your true love now, you would neither think or feel any want, or any frustration about this, and the Law of Attraction could never align you to any circumstances that made you feel more want, or more frustration.

As it is now, the very thoughts of what you so desperately want, and feel so frustrated about, is the
very same vibration that aligns you to experience the ‘withoutness’ of this reality.

If you had your desired reality now, you would not want it, you would have it. And as this is something you so desperately want, only a reality of not having it can align to your wanting thoughts.

To compound this, if you had your desired reality now, you would not feel any frustration of the lack of it, and only a reality of not having it can align to your feelings of frustration.

The thing to understand, is that you create the reality you experience, by thinking and feeling in a certain way.

What you desire, what you need, what you would like and what you want, have no bearing on what you experience, unless you include them in the way you think.

If you want something, and feel the want within you, the Law of Attraction has no choice but to align you to an experience to cause you to think and feel more want.

If you need something, and feel the need within you, the Law of Attraction has no choice but to align you to an experience to cause you to think and feel more need.

But if you desire something, and feel that desire as if this reality already existed, the Law of Attraction has no choice but to align you to an experience that includes your desire.

The whole idea behind visualization is to help you identify and align to the thoughts and feelings of having your reality now, and to use these thoughts and feelings to remove any idea of not having your desires.

In your visualizations, there is no power in seeing your ideal reality, there is only power in feeling it, but this exercise is next to useless if you just go back to your wanting and frustrated thoughts and feelings.

What would you be thinking about and feeling if you were experiencing this true love now?

Thoughts of happiness, contentness, love and romance, will produce a happy, contented, loving and romantic reality, and any thought less than these, shall be reflected in a less than desirable experience.

Align to the things you desire, as if you had them now, and what you desire, shall be reflected in your experience tomorrow.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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