How To Use The Law of Attraction To Get Him Back

by Sarah

My ex broke up with me about a year ago, we still keep in touch and often flirt. I sense he still has very strong feelings for me, but will not get back with me. I miss him and want us to get back together.

How should I use the Law of Attraction?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The first thing to understand here is that you cannot use the Law of Attraction to manifest in an others reality, it does not work that way.

So what I will share with you here, could have two outcomes.

You could either get back together, or, you shall be on a different path to each other altogether.

To begin with, the Law of Attraction brings you your experiences based on your thoughts and feelings, or your vibration.

In your question you state your vibration as ‘missing’ him and ‘wanting’ him, and to make sure you get more of that vibration, the Law of Attraction will have to give you more circumstances of ‘missing’ and ‘wanting’. In other words, through your very way of thinking and feeling, you are ensuring that you are being kept in a state of ‘without your ex’.

This is possibly why you are detecting a sense of his strong feelings, and why you are unable to move on, and maybe, why you feel the need to keep flirting with him.

On the other hand, let’s say that what you are detecting about his feelings, is true, then your ‘without him feelings’ are certainly not a match for his, and you’d still be kept apart.

So what to do?

If it is a fact that the Law of Attraction will find you a reality that matches your vibration, surely you will need to change your vibration to match the reality you desire.

If you wish to have the feeling that you ex has given you, hold those feeling in mind, think of all the positives that you have with this relationship. Spend some time thinking about the feelings and the positive emotions you wish to feel, and either your ex will become these things to you, or you will be held apart, because your vibrations do not match.


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