How To Write An Abundance Cheque

by Rosalyn

I have been told that if I want to attract money, it helps to write a cheque for the amount, to myself. But how should it be signed?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Writing a cheque to yourself is a great visualization technique, it has probably been made quite popular after the film The Secret.

In the film, Jack Canfield, one of the Law of Attraction teachers, was looking for ways to utilise the Law of Attraction, to improve his financial situation.

He took a one-dollar bill and added five zeros, making it a hundred thousand dollar bill, representing his desired earnings for that year, at the time he was only making about $8,000.

He then stuck the bill on the ceiling above his bed, so it would be the first and last thing he would see.

After a sequence of coincidental events, the Chicken Soup for the Soul book was published and Jack's income for that year rose from $8,000 to $93,000

Of course Jack didn't stop there, he added a zero making A Million-Dollar bill...

He still has the million-dollar cheque written by his publisher.

The Law of Abundance Cheque follows the same principle.

Simply write a cheque to yourself, and sign it Law of Attraction, The Universe, Cosmic Mind, or anything that fits.

Put the cheque in a place that you will see it regularly, or keep it with you.

The important thing is to look at it often, and keeping gratitude in mind, start your Visualization Exercise.

I don’t really think it matters too much whose name you sign at the bottom of the cheque, the most important thing is to Believe It!!


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