I Am Grateful For Being Alive And Having A Healthy And Prosperous Life

by Celia Carlatti
(Lighthouse Point, FL, USA)

I was born perfect, my health is perfect, I am intelligent my brain is perfect. I have arms legs and I can walk, talk and do anything I want by myself. Being perfect in body mind and spirit is a privilege.

I am grateful for constant desire of improving myself. I am grateful for countless free lessons my computer brings to me everyday its is a miracle! I always love so much learn and read, now everyday I have the biggest library at my finger tips anytime! What a blessing!

I am so grateful that my children are perfect in mind, body and spirit, that they are awake and aware of our evolutionary time.

I am so grateful that my two grandkids are perfect in health, mind and body!

I am so grateful that in my whole life I've attracted fantastic friends who have all helped along the way into my life.

I am so grateful for living here in the USA where abundance is everywhere and opportunities are always present all the time.

I am so grateful for my parents, they did the best they could and they did good!

I am so grateful for my family, all friends and loving people.

I am grateful for Q..., he was the instrument for testing my emotional control and harmony. He gave me the tests that I needed to prove myself in absolute control of my emotions.

I am grateful for all people who were instrumental in my teenagers years, showing me clearly, what in life needs to be worked, my self esteem for example.

I am grateful for all that happens till now and all that I am consciously creating from now on.

I am grateful now that I am creating a fantastic, very successful social networking group, that is attracting, hundreds of thousands of people by oct19/09.

I am grateful for the company who is developing it! They are very successful people.

I am grateful now that I have enough money to go around the world travelling anywhere, anytime.

I am grateful for all natures splendour.

I appreciate the moon, the rivers, the oceans, the gardens, the tree and all the Universe has to offer.

I am grateful for the air I breath for free, for my lungs...

I am grateful for my extended life to up to hundreds years with the DNA mutation and changes that I request.

I am grateful that I can live many lives at the same times in parallel dimensions and I am very excited to learn more about that and be consciously in touch with the others ME’s in others frequencies....

Ah...I feel gratitude and gratitude.. for all and more millions things I could be grateful for!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Universe!

I love you and appreciate YOU!

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