I Asked - And It Happened!

by Marian
(Birmingham, United Kingdom)

My interest in the LOA started last year, and I thought I'd try out a couple of small things one week.

One morning, I visualised my little boys' teacher happily telling me that he'd done some really good work that day. I also visualised her telling me that his behaviour was lovely.

This would have been unusual as he can be quite a handful and a day hardly ever went by when his teachers' wouldn't be telling me about yet another naughty deed.

In fact, I'd started to dread going to the school to collect him.

However, as I approached his class to collect him later that day, his teacher came bounding up to me with a huge smile on her face and her exact words were; "Jason has done some exceptional work today!" and she went on to tell me that he had also been listening and playing very nicely. I was gobsmacked.

The great thing is that since then, his behaviour has improved dramatically, and I'm sure part of the reason is that each morning I visualise him playing nicely, and concentrating on his school tasks.

That same week, my recurring verucca was really playing me up and hurting like hell. As I had to go to the doctors after dropping my little boy at school, the thought of walking in pain up to the doctors' made me wince, so I visualised someone calling out to me at the school gates and asking if I needed a lift anywhere.

I couldn't believe it when my friend Lorna, who I hadn't seen in ages, pulled up alongside me by the school, and asked if I needed a lift anywhere - and she happened to be going in the same direction as the doctor's.

My mouth dropped open!

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Feb 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Whoa, loved this! Very inspirational indeed! Wish you all the best! :)

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