I Attracted H2O

So, I usually fill my water bottles (GAL) at a local grocery store, but I was moving, so I forgot to, and it's summer now, so I was moving heavy boxes... and I was thinking how good it'd feel once I get to my other destination and drink WATER.. oh..water, so nice! hehe..

Then, as I started moving my boxes out of my room (I’m in college, live in dorm type apt)... opened the main door, there was a GALLON OF WATER - BRAND NEW.. since it was 8 am and there was no one around, I was shocked!! I left water there and kept moving boxes, and no one claimed it for 1/2 hour. Then one of my neighbours came out and I asked "is this your water?" she said 'No'.. Strange, then I brought it inside our building and nobody claimed it.

I still didn't drink out of it, because who knows, lol, but I kind of manifested it.

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